Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Prof. Neima Brauner, Prof. Amos Ullmann, Dr. Hadas Maman



The laboratory is located at the school of Mechanical Engineering, Iby and Aladar Fieischman Faculty of Engineering, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Research topics:

The experimental work conducted in the environmental engineering laboratory covers several topics related to basic transport phenomena and to different treatment technologies. These include:

  • Separation processes, mainly liquid-liquid extraction for removal of organic pollutants and/or heavy metals. In particular, continuous and batch Phase Transition Extraction (PTE); application of PTE to treatment of industrial waste water, contaminated soil and sediments.
  • Transport phenomena associated with phase transition of partially miscible solvent systems (e.g., free convection, forced convection).
  • Liquid-liquid two-phase flow, concurrent and countercurrent flows with and without phase transition, two-phase flow phenomena in small diameter tubes.
  • Wind tunnel that simulates velocity profiles in the earth boundary layer for studying pollutants dispersion in the atmosphere.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection and advanced oxidation processes (AOP) of target microorganisms and chemicals intended to improve water-quality through experimental and theoretical work.
  • Particle shape from the nano to micron scale in waters, effluents and natural water bodies undergoing various treatments such as granular and membrane filtration, polychromatic UV disinfection and AOP processes.
Micro scale phase separation during cooling of a partially miscible solvent system
Flow Patterns of Partially Miscible Liquid-Liquid Isothermal Flow

Atmospheric Wind Tunnel

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection