The Algorithms Lab

Recent Reports



 M. Gonen, D. Ron, and Y. Shavitt. Counting Stars and Other Small Subgraphs in Sublinear Time. June 2009.

 D. Ron and G. Tsur. Testing Computability by Width-2 OBDDs. 13th RANDOM, August 2009.

 A. Kesselman, B. Patt-Shamir and G. Scalosub. Competitive Buffer Management with Packet Dependencies.  23rd IPDPS, May 2009.

 A. Kipnis and B. Patt-Shamir. A Note on Distributed Stable Matching. 29th ICDCS, June 2009.

 O. Goldreich and D. Ron. On Proximity Oblivious Testing. 41st STOC, May 2009.

 Z. Brakerski and B. Patt-Shamir. Distributed Discovery of Large Near-Cliques. February 2009.

 B. Patt-Shamir and D. Rawitz. Vector Bin Packing with Multiple-Choice. February 2009.

 A. Nisgav and B. Patt-Shamir. Finding Similar Users in Social Networks. February 2009.

 O. Goldreich and D. Ron. Algorithmic Aspects of Property Testing in the Dense Graphs Model. 13th RANDOM, August 2009 .

 D. Ron. Property Testing: A Learning Theory Perspective. January 2009.




 Z. Lotker, B.Patt-Shamir and D.Rawitz. Rent, Lease or Buy: Randomized Algorithms for Multislope Ski Rental. 25th STACS, pages 503--514, February 2008.

 B. Patt-Shamir and D. Rawitz.Video Distribution Under Multiple Constraints. 28th ICDCS, pages 841--848, June 2008.

 Z. Lotker, B. Patt-Shamir and S. Pettie. Improved Distributed Approximate Matching.  20th SPAA, pages 129--136, June 2008.

 B. Patt-Shamir, G. Scalosub and Y. Shavitt. Competitive Analysis of Buffer Policies with SLA Commitment. 16th ICNP, pages 197--206, October 2008.

 B. Patt-Shamir, D. Rawitz and G. Scalosub. Distributed Approximation of Cellular Coverage. 12th OPODIS,  pages 331--345, December 2008.