The Algorithms Lab

MSc and PhD Theses

 A Note on Distributed Stable Matching,

MSc thesis by Alex Kipnis (2009).

 On Retries in Parallel Distributed Load Balancing Algorithms,

MSc thesis by Moti Medina (2009).

 Scheduling with Conflicts,

MSc thesis by Lotem Kaplan (2007).

 Optimal Smoothing Schedules for Real-Time Streams,

MSc thesis by Ofer Lapid (2007).

 Approximating the Distance to Monotonicity and Convexity in Sublinear Time,

MSc thesis of Shahar Fattal (2006).

 Approximate Top-k Queries in Sensor Networks,

MSc thesis by Alon Shafrir (2006).

 Distance Approximation in Bounded Degree and General Sparse Graphs,

MSc thesis of Sharon Marko (2005).

 Diagnosis of OSA Syndrome from PAT and Oximetry Recordings Using Fuzzy Decision Trees,

MSc thesis by Michal Betito (2004).

 On the Expected Classification Speed of Boolean Functions,

MSc Thesis by Amir Rosenfeld (2004).

 Improved bounds on the word error probability of RA(2) codes with linear programming based decoding,

MSc Thesis by Nissim Halabi (2003).

 Algorithms in Networks,

PhD thesis by Zvi Lotker (2003).

 General Perfectly Periodic Scheduling,

MSc thesis by Zvika Brakerski (2002).