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The Micro Heat and Phase Transfer (MHPT) laboratory is a young and dynamic research center headed by Dr. Herman Haustein. Our research fields are directly influence the future of microchips performance due to the fact that the overheating of the microprocessor junctions is still a major obstacle to their stable operation. The constant increase of operation speed and the decrease of components size dictate higher thermal stress.

We research the fields of:

Multiphase flows & Rapid phase transfer
Transient free and submerged impinging jets
Convective heat transfer enhancement methods
Nucleate pool boiling
Droplet boiling
Falling wavy films

An example of our work is the optimization of small-scale heat exchangers, with or without phase transfer. For this purpose many aspects are being examined such as: wettability, dry out, scaling, vortex generation & vortex-wall interaction.

One application of this study can help solving the well-known small-scale problem of cooling microchips. We are currently focusing on the enhancement of heat transfer under impinging jets, by way of period disturbance of the flow, jet arrays and heated-liquid evacuation.

The laboratory in equipped with state of the art high speed visible & Infra Red cameras. These tools are utilized to execute known research methods and develop new ideas and systems.

It is our constant strive to study and develop new fields of interests