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Chapter download milestone!

Since its publication in 2017, Hayits’ book has reached a total of 208806 chapter downloads, and 17559 in the first half of 2020 alone.

Position paper on COVID-19 imaging and AI

Hayits’ recent publication on COVID-19 in Medical Image Analysis

Greenspan, Hayit, et al. “Position paper on COVID-19 imaging and AI: from the clinical needs and technological challenges to initial AI solutions at the lab and national level towards a new era for AI in healthcare.” Medical Image Analysis (2020): 101800.


MICR 2019

Hayit Greenspan
Keynote Presentation
International Conference on Medical Imaging and Case Reports
MICR conference
United Scientific Group
Boston, USA
Nov 2019

ISBI 2020

Hayit Greenspan is Program Chair, ISBI 2020. Iowa , USA, April 2020.


Hayit Greenspan was workshop chair, MICCAI 2019. Shenzhen , China , Oct 2019.