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Ph.D. and Post Doc. students are wanted for the following fields of research:
Numerical and Experimental research of regular and/or  random non-linear water waves. Experimental work at Tel Aviv University Wave Tank. Please contact Prof. Lev Shemer: +972 -3-6408128 or shemer@eng.tau.ac.il

מחפשים דוקטורנטים ופוסט דוקטורנטים לעבודת מחקר נומרית/ניסויית בחקר גלי מים לא ליניאריים
נא לפנות לפרופ' לב שמר :
03-6408128 או במייל shemer@eng.tau.ac.il


Welcome to Tel Aviv University water waves research laboratory site!

Water wave research laboratory is located at the School of Mechanical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

Our laboratory includes modern facilities such as medium sized wave tank and wind-wave flume. Numerous advanced measuring techniques can be applied at both facilities. 

The laboratory team of researchers is lead by Prof. Lev Shemer and Prof. Eliezer Kit. For more than two decades our team conducted a large amount of experimental, numerical and theoretical studies on a wide variety of water waves related topics, such as:

  • Linear and non-linear wave theory 
  • Nonlinear standing waves in a tank (directly and parametrically excited)
  • Non-linear wave group evolution
  • Evolution of non-linear random waves
  • Wind-wave excitation and interaction
  • Sediment transport in coastal regions
  • Remote sensing of water surface using Regular and Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR & InSAR)

We offer our experience in those fields and are always looking for new fields of interest and for more cooperation work with other teams of researchers.

At this site you will find all the information about our past and present works, future plans, personnel information, publications, experimental facilities, equipment descriptions and related publications.

Please browse our site and do not hesitate to leave your comments and/or suggestions.

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