• The research interests are related to structure of turbulent flows in a variety of applications:
    • Boundary layers, turbulence with polymers and surfactants, particle-laden flows, scalar (heat, temperature, concentration) dispersion in turbulent flows, and others.
    • We develop new experimental methods to measure velocity and velocity derivatives of turbulent flows in Eulerian and Lagrangian framework.

Research projects

  1. Stratified turbulent flows:
    • Proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) of stratified wakes
    • dispersion of a stratified patch
    • flow in the wake of an accelerating hydrofoil
  2. Turbulent flows with dilute polymers
  3. Resuspension of particulate materials
  4. Fluid-structure interaction of flexible objects
    • robotic micro-swimmer
    • flexible blade rheometer
  5. Biomedical flows:
    • optical flow for the LV analysis
    • hydraulic modeling of a coronary tree
  6. Lagrangian particle tracking velocimetry
    • real time image processing on FPGA
    • single camera four-view image spitter
    • streaks velocimetry
  7. Lid driven cavity
    • Lagrangian description
    • Instability in cubic cavities
  8. Heat transfer and cooling of electronic devices
    • periodic and aperiodic flows in a PC case
    • unsteady airflow cooling of CPU heat sink

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