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Dr. Arie Yeredor
Professor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Room 121, Electrical Engineering - Labs Building
Dept. of Electrical Engineering - Systems
School of Electrical Engineering
Tel-Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel-Aviv, 69978
Tel: (+972)-3-6405314
Fax: (+972)-3-6407095
email: arie at eng dot tau dot ac dot il
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I am looking for full-time PhD and Msc students for funded research on

"Blind Signal Processing over Finite Fields"

(with applications in network coding)

pls contact me by email for details if interested

My areas of Interest:

Statistical Signal Processing and Estimation Theory:

o                   Blind Source Separation (BSS) and Independent Component Analysis (ICA)

o                   Hessians of the log characteristic function ("Charrelation Matrices") as an alternative to classical High-Order Statistics

o                   Passive time-delay estimation for multiple signals with multiple sensors

o                   Passive time-delay estimation in the presence of multipath

o                   Spectral estimation from partial data

o                   Sparsity-based signal processing and system identification

o                   Estimation in impulsive noise

o                   Extended Least Squares (XLS) estimation

o                   Non-asymptotic performance analysis


Linear-Algebraic Tools in Signal Processing:

o                   Total Least Squares (TLS) and Errors-In-Variables (EIV) modeling

o                   Structured Total Least Squares (STLS) and related algorithms

o                   Algorithms for approximate joint diagonalization

o                   Optimal weighting in approximate joint diagonalization