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Former Graduate Students:

o                  Yoav Shereshevski (2002): Blind Signal Separation of Heavy-Tailed Sources
(joint supervision with Prof. Hagit Messer-Yaron)
magna cum laude)

o                  Yuval Lomnitz (2003): Efficient Blind Source Separation Using a Semi-Maximum Likelihood Approach
summa cum laude)

o                  Eran Doron (2004): Asymptotically Optimal Blind Separation of Parametric Gaussian Sources
magna cum laude)

o                  Alexander Smekhov (2004): Asymptotically Optimized Blind Source Separation Based on Second and Fourth Order Statistics
summa cum laude)

o                  Avia Yachil (2004): Blind Deconvolution Based on the Generalized Characteristic Function

o                  Sharon Eilon (2004): Blind Source Separation Based on the Fractional Fourier Transform

o                  Alon Shechter (2004): Expansion of Characteristic-function Based Blind Source Separation for Time-Varying Mixtures
magna cum laude)

o                  Daniel Moscovitch (2005): Blind Separation of Static Mixtures of Non-Stationary Sources

o                  Eran Eidinger (2005): Blind MIMO System Identification via the Second Characteristic Function
magna cum laude)

o                  Boaz Lachover (2005): Blind Separation of Discrete Sources in a Noisy Environment
magna cum laude)

o                  Alon Harel (2005): Multi Feature Speech / Music Discriminator (MSc Project)
(joint supervision with Prof. David Burshtein)

o                  Yuri Schwartzman (2005): Blind Separation of Noisy Pure-Delays Mixtures of Gaussian Sources

o                  Assaf Hasarchi (2005): Real-Time Analysis of Audio Features with a PC-hosted Digital Signal Processor (MSc Project)
(joint supervision with Mr. Jacob Fainguelernt)

o                  Evgeny Spektor (2006): System Identification Methods (MSc project)

o                  Yuval Domb (2006): Bootstrap Kalman Filter: A Hybrid Scheme for Bilinear State-Space Models

o                  Efrat Be'ery (2006): Blind Separation of Image Reflections with Relative Spatial Shifts
magna cum laude)

o                  Rotem Kopel (2006): Parameters Estimation in a FIR System Driven by Gaussian-Mixture Inputs

o                  Tzahi Weisman (2008): Blind Source Separation with Periodically Changing Mixture Coefficients

o                  Yaron Shmueli (2008): Performance Evaluation of Video Tone Mapping (MSc project)

o                  Moshe Teplitsky (2009): TDOA Estimation for Cyclostationary Sources – New Bounds and Estimators

o                  Ity Erlich (2009): TDOA Estimation in the Presence of Multipath.

o                  Alexandra Dana (2009): A Computational Method for Monitoring the Development of Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema (PED) Using Heart Sound Analysis
(joint supervision
with Prof. Nathan Intrator, School of Computer Science, TAU)

o                  Yinon Battat (2012): Automatic Speakers Classification Based on Short Time Observations (MSc project) 

o                  Anna Cohen (Putter) (2012): Recovery of Sparse Probability Distributions from their Moments Using Compressed Sensing and Neighborly Polytopes

o                  Alon Slapak (2014): Charm and Charrelation: Parameterized Generalizations of the Mean Vector and Covariance Matrix Incorporating Higher-Order Statistics (Ph.D.)