Last Update:  April 2002.


Acquaint the students of the semiconductor device track with both manufacturing and characterization methods providing hands-on experience with industrial and research techniques

Action items

1. Target a low number of participants per student group to provide hands-on experience for every student.
2. Include versatile processing technology, including metallization for Schottky and Ohmic contacts, oxidation for MOS capacitors on silicon and other devices.
3. Offer various characterization techniques used by industry at different levels of device processing
4. Review the physical background of common semiconductor device processing and characterization techniques.


Mtg. 1 - Introductory meeting
The student will receive the lab manuals, an overview of lab activity and requirements, safety instructions, and will be assigned a group.

Mtg. 2 - Conductivity
 Purpose: acquiring basic methods of conductivity characterization
 Method: the student will be provided with ready-made devices and samples and will apply four-point probe, hot probe, and Hall effect to characterize conductivity type and magnitude.

Mtg. 3 - Metallization and Photolithography
 Purpose: basic considerations of metal choice, deposition methods, defining contacts using
 photolithography and etching
 Method: the student will prepare Si and oxidized Si wafers for deposition and will deposit aluminum layers using ion beam sputtering in ultra-high vacuum. Afterwards, the students perform lithography and etching procedures (in the clean room).

Mtg. 4 - Annealing and formation of an Ohmic contact
 Purpose: Study the effect of post-deposition annealing on the metal-semiconductor junction transport as well as the dependence of the Ohmic characteristics on the annealing duration.
 Method: The contacts, previously defined by lithography and etching, will be heat-treated in several steps, following each the contact resistivity will be assessed.

Mtg. 5 - Schottky diode
 Purpose: Characterization of Schottky diode parameters.
 Method: I-V and C-V methods will be used to characterize the Schottky diode contacts previously defined using lithography and etching.

Mtg. 6 - MOS capacitor I
 Purpose: C-V and I-V characterization of MOS capacitors. Understanding the effect of interface charges on the capacitor characteristics.
 Method: I-V and C-V measurements at various frequencies, in the dark and under illumination, for various contact areas.

Mtg. 7 - MOS capacitor II
 Purpose: C-V characterization of MOS capacitors in deep depletion regime.
 Method: same.

Mtg. 8- MOS Transistor I
 Purpose: I-V Characteristics of a MOS transistor.
 Method: I-V measurements of a ready-made MOSFET transistor and characterization of its small and large signal equivalent circuits.

Mtg. 9 - A visit to one of the local microelectronics manufacturers (Intel).

Stuff members to contact for details
Prof. Yoram Shapira Tel. 03-6409452
Dr. Arie Ruzin Tel. 03-6405214
Yigal Zidon Tel. 03-6408015
Tamara Baksht Tel. 03-6408015


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