Tai Chi Chuan

Internal Martial Arts include Tai Chi, Hsing Yi and Pa Kua. Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese Internal Martial Art. It is based on traditional Chinese medicine, combining good health with martial abilities as well as self defense. Being an internal martial art, Tai Chi focuses on development of internal capabilities and harmonic movement rather than on muscle strength. Therefore, age and physical condition are not obstacles in daily training. On the contrary, the Tai Chi practitioner can keep on training regardless of age while disabilities may reduce and abilities augmented. When training, the movements are slow and relaxed, but when fighting the movements are swift and agile. The Tai Chi practitioner finds serenity in a stressful environment and learns how to function and self-control in unpredicted and uncertain situations.  

The Israeli Tai Chi Center  is directed by Master Yechiel Nir Malchi. It is located in Tel Aviv, 158 Herzl St. Tel. 03-5180593. The form we practice is the Tzun Nan form. It was passed on by Grand Master Wang Shu Chin, who was a very famous Tai Chi, Hsing Yi and Pa Kua Master, to Master Wang Fu-Lai who is the present Head of the school. The teachings include Tai Chi, Hsing Yi,  Pa Kua, Tzan Chuan and Qigong.

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