Institute for Steel and Alloys, Faculty of Semiconductors, Moscow, USSR

Electronics Technology and Engineering

M. Sc,  1966


All-Union Electrotechnics Institute, Ministry of  Electrotechnics Industry, Moscow, USSR

Nonlinear Heat Conduction and electron emission processes in metallic electrodes in vacuum arc interrupters.

Post-graduate study


Institute for High Temperatures, Academy of Sciences, Moscow, USSR

Physics and Mathematics

Ph.D., 1973


Title of Master thesis:              "Investigation of non-stationary heat processes in solid body"


Title of Ph.D. Dissertation:     "Theoretical study of cathode processes of vacuum arc"




1974 - 1990

 Institute for High Temperatures Academy of Sciences, Moscow,


Institute of Mechanics, Moscow Lomonosov University, USSR.

Physics and Mathematics

D. Sc., 1990

Degree given by the Supreme Attestatation Commission of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Research defended at the Institute for High Current Electronics, Tomsk, USSR.




Title of D.Sc. Dissertation:                "Arc discharge in vapors of electrode materials - modeling of physical processes in near-electrode regions".






All-Union Electrotechnics Institute, Ministry of Electrotechnics Industry, Moscow

Department of Physics

Technical-Assistant, Research Engineer.


Institute of Cybernetics , Academy of Science, Ukraine, Kiev,

Department of Cybernetics

Research Engineer – computer calculations.


Institute for High Temperature Academy of Science, USSR, Moscow


Senior Research Scientist, Group Leader


Institute of Mechanics, Moscow Lomonosov University

Department of Hydrodynamics

Visiting Scientist, (Hydrodynamics of plasma flow in discharges)


The Weizmann Institute of Science

Department of Nuclear Physics, Rehovot

Consultant–processes in the anode plasma of high power ion diode

1992 - present

Tel-Aviv University, Faculty of Engineering

Dept. of Interdisciplinary Studies

Professor, Wolfson Foundation, Gileadi Fellow,  KAMEA

1996, August

1998, April

University of Minnesota, USA

High Temperature Lab Dept of  Mechanical Engineering

Scientific work in frame of common Grant,

1995 (Oct-Dec)


2002 (Jul-Aug)

2005 (July)

2007 (November)

September, 2008, 2010

Max-Plank Institute, Berlin, Germany

Max-Plank Institute, Berlin, Germany

Princeton University, USA

Catania, Italy


Darmstadt, Germany

Dept. of Near-electrode Phenomena

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Institute Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare



Visiting Professor, Invited Lecture, Investigation of the high-current cathode spot

Two Invited Lectures

Visiting Professor, Experiment with Laser-Au- Interaction.

Two Invited Lectures

Ion Source Results


1992               Wolfson foundation, TAU

1995          DAAD, Berlin

1996               United State-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF), TAU

1999               Israel Academy of Science

2000               INTAS Europe

2003               Israel Academy of Science

2006               Internal TAU Foundation -2007

2007               Internal TAU Foundation -2008

2007               Russia-Israel Joint Research - 2007)

2008               Russia-Israel Joint Research -2008

2008          Israel Academy of Science (4 years)

2011          Israel Academy of Science (4 years)




1982-1991     Scientific section "Near-electrode phenomena” of the Scientific Council of Academy of Sciences, "Physics of low-temperature plasma", Moscow.

1979-1991     Scientific Union Council- Seminar of Institute for High Temperature for Pre-Defense of Ph.D. theses of graduate students, Moscow.

From 1997-    Member IEEE, Nuclear and Plasma Science Society, USA

From 1997-    Senior Member IEEE, Nuclear and Plasma Science Society, USA

From 1999-    IEEE Communications Society, USA

From 1997     Israel Plasma Sciences and Technology Association

From 2000     Israel Physical Society

Scientific activities

Feb., 1988      Member of Organizing Committee of the II All-Union School for Young Scientists on Near-Electrode Phenomena, Moscow

Feb., 2004      Program Chairman of Organizing Committee of 7th Israeli Conference on Plasma Science of the Israel Plasma Sciences and Technology Association

Feb., 2006      Member of Organizing Committee of the International Conference on Superhard Coatings, Ein-Gedi, Israel.

2010-2011         Guest Editor of Special Issue of IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PLASMA SCIENCE: I.I. Beilis, Guest Editor, "Special Issue on Electrical Discharges in Vacuum", IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci.39, N6, Part1, 2011, 1270.

2013                Member of Technical Committee: 33rd Intern. Electric Propulsion Conf. (IEPC), George Washington University, 6th-10th October 2013.

Feb., 2014      Award Committee Chairman of Organizing Committee of 16th Israeli Conference on Plasma Science of the Israel Plasma Sciences and Technology Association, Tel Aviv


September, 9, 2018. Certificate of Appreciation awarded for his outstanding Invited talk presented at the 8th International Conference on Nanomaterials: Application & Properties

September, 24, 2018. Walter Dyke Award, by the Permanent International Scientific Committee of the International Symposia on Discharges and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum, for “significant contributions to outstanding near-electrode phenomena and in particular cathode spots.


activity As Referee

1970-1991     "Referativny Zhurnal, Mechanics", Academy of Sciences, USSR, Moscow

1970-1991     Scientific Journal "Teplofizica vysokich temperature", Academy of Sciences, USSR, Moscow

From 1985      IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, USA

From 1997     Physical Review, USA

From 1997     Physical Review Letters, USA

From 1999     Physics of Plasmas, USA

From 2000     Surface & Coatings Thechnology

From 2001     Journal of Applied Physics, USA and Applied Physics Letters, USA

From 2001     Plasma Sources Science and Technology, USA

From 2001     Measurement Science and Technology, England

From 2001     Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, England

From 2006     Vacuum

From 2006     Czech. J. Phys, Prague

From 2007     Europe Physics Journal D., Germany

From 2007     Applied Surface Science

From 2007     Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids

From 2008     Laser and Particle Beams

From 2009     Plasma Science and Technology

From 2009     Journal Spacecraft & Rockets, AIAA

From 2011     Chinese Optics Letters (COL),



1992-1996     H. Rosenthal, "Investigation of the Development of a Hot Anode Vacuum Arc", TAU

1992-1997         M. Keidar, "Plasma Expansion and Macropartical Charging and Transport in the Vacuum Arc Plasma Jet", TAU

M. Keidar received 3 prestigious grants upon finishing his Ph D thesis: Rothschild; Fulbright and Welch.


A. Shashurin received prestigious Welch grant.


2001-2002     D. Arbilly, Post Doc. Plasma deposition

M.Sc. and B.Sc. STUDENTS at TAU

A. Nemirovsky,    M.Sc.-- Anode thermal regime in vacuum arcs with hot anodes.

H. Marks        M.Sc., – Cathode force measurements in a vacuum arc.

A. Shnaiderman  M.Sc. - Thermal regime of tungsten anode and metallic film deposition on a substrate.

Y. Koulik        M.Sc. - Hot Refractory Anode Vacuum Arc: Influence of Anode Thickness and Deposition with Low Melting Temperature Cathodes.

D. Grach         M.Sc. – Copper film filling in trenches for microelectronics.

B. Sagi            M.Sc. – Magnetic field influence on vacuum arc spot motion on cathodes with declined surfaces.

A number of B.Sc. student projects.


Physical phenomena in high current electrical discharges, at the electrode surface and in the near electrode plasma. This investigation includes electrode phenomena in vacuum arcs and high current vacuum interrupters, in MHD-generators, magnetically insolated diode, plasma thrusters and accelerators, filtered vacuum arc deposition systems and systems with hot refractory anode vacuum arcs. Laser-matter interaction phenomena. High current wire explosion phenomena. Arc producing nanostructures.


·         Theory of electron emission in the vacuum arc cathode spot.

·         Theory of nonlinear and three-dimensional heat conductivity processes in a bulk body and in a thin film with a moving and concentrated heat source.

·         Theory of heat and plasma particle transfer in the partially ionized multicomponent plasma systems having different particle temperatures.

·         Hydrodynamics of ionized gas flow under high density of electrical current.

·         Kinetic phenomena in a strongly non-equilibrium region under local substance vaporization.

·         Theory of cathode and anode spots in vacuum arcs. Electrode erosion processes. Spot motion in magnetic field, nanosecond phenomena and plasma acceleration mechanism in arcs with current rise >1MA/s.

·         Theory of overheats phenomena in media being characterized by the nonlinear temperature dependence of electrical conductivity.

·         Plasma jet expansion in a magnetic field. Plasma acceleration in a low current vacuum arc cathode jet.

·         Plasma wall transition layers. Sheath and presheath theory. Sheath near a refractory cathode surface.

·         The kinetics of macroparticle charging in strongly ionized plasma. The non-stationary and non-equilibrium consideration.

·         Macroparticle transport and plasma transport in magnetized ducts. Theory and experiment.

·         Phenomena in a vacuum arc with refractory hot anode. Plasma and anode thermal processes in hot refractory anode vacuum arc (HRAVA). Theory and experiment.

·         Phenomena in a new type of the vacuum arc with enclosed cavity electrodes like black body configuration. Plasma processes in vacuum arc with black body assembly (VABBA) to producing MP free metallic plasmas. Experiment and application as plasma source.

·         Vacuum arc film deposition.

·         Plasma phenomena in electrothermal pulsed plasma thruster (PPT).

·         Plasma flow and presheath structures in Hall thrusters

·         Laser matter interaction. Ablation phenomena, plasma generation and plasma target interaction.

·         Discharge phenomena associated with wire explosion at high rate of current rise. Instability effects by wire explosion.

·         Phenomena in arc plasmas producing nanostructures.

·         Phenomena in inverse heat flux of a metamaterials and cold plasma medicine.




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