Irad E. Ben-Gal - Former Students

  1. Uri Yovel z”l (2013-2014), Post-Doctorate, “Information Flow in Social Networks”
  2. Elan Sasson (2014-2016), Post-Doctorate, “User Oriented Security: Pattern Identification”
  3. Ksenya Shulyaev (2015-2016), Post-Doctorate, “Quality of Life & Work-Family-Conflict Measurement in the Workplace"
  4. Evgeni Kagan (2004 – 2009), Ph.D., “Parallel search procedures in a dynamic probability space”, Advisor: Ben-Gal I. 
  5. Aviv Gruber (2008 - 2012), Ph.D., "A Bayesian-network based approach for the assessment of operational complexity", Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  6. Noa Roshin Rimini (Oct. 2008 – 2012), Ph.D., “Fractal Based Statistical Process Control,” Advisors: Ben-Gal I. and Maimon O.
  7. Ofir Goldstein (2009 – in break), Ph.D., “Information Measures in Business Information Systems”, Advisors: Ben-Gal I. and Y. Bukchin.
  8. Marcelo Bacher (2012 - 2017), Ph.D., “Multi-Variate SPC based on Information Theoretic Data Preprocessing” Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  9. Alon Sela (2012– 2017), Ph.D., “Information Flow in Social Networks”, Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  10. Yifat Douek (2014 - present), Ph.D., “Sensors Fusion”, Advisors: Ben-Gal I. and Tal Raviv.
  11. Yuval Shalev (2015 – present), Ph.D., “Temporal and Spatial Analysis in Massive Banking Data Sets”, Advisors: Ben-Gal I. and Tzidon D.
  12. Gail Morag (2001), “SPC for State Dependent Data”. Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  13. Gonen Zinger (2001), “Application of Statistical Process Control to Feedback-Controlled Systems Via Context Modeling”. Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  14. Hila Ginsburg (2003), “An Approach for Designing Experiments in Robust Design Problems”. Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  15. Sigal Arviv (2003), "Pattern Classification via Non-Homogenous Variable Order Markov Trees”. Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  16. Keren Zeidenreis-Or (2004), “Gene Finding via Context Learning Models”. Advisors: Ben-Gal I., Shmilovici A.
  17. Sarit Rosenberg (2004), “Quality-of-Life aspects in the High-Tech Industry”. Advisors: Maimon O., Kritler S., Ben-Gal I.
  18. Ido Priness (2005), “On the use of mutual information measure for gene expression clustering analysis”. Advisors: Ben-Gal I., Maimon O.,
  19. Ayala Shani (2005), "Variable Order Bayesian Networks for DNA Sequence Analysis". Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  20. Tomer Kahan (2006), “Dynamic Allocation of Jobs to Unreliable Robots in a Production Transfer Line”. Advisors: Bukchin Y., Ben-Gal I.
  21.  Ofir Goldshtein (2008), "Remote Learning and Control of Robotic and Vision Tasks. Advisors: Ben-Gal I., Bukchin Y.
  22.  Niv Shkolnik (2008), "Construction of Informational Decision Trees", Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  23.  Michal Lissauer (2009), "Pattern Identification in Climate Changes". Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  24.  Roey Rosenberg (2010), "Optimal Design of Unreliable Automotive Transfer Lines". Advisors: Bukchin Y., Ben-Gal I.
  25.  Imry Rosenboum (2010), "Capacity Reallocation in Open Jackson Networks", Advisors: Ben-Gal I. & Uri Yechiely
  26.  Ela Malinowski (2011), "Improving Searchability in Peer-to-Peer Networks using Scalable Content Clustering," Advisors: Yuval Shavit & Ben-Gal I.
  27.  Dana Kedem (2012), "Automatic Fault Identification via Rough Set Theory and Information Theory", Advisor:  Ben-Gal I.
  28.  Tomer Hevlin (didn’t finish), "Analysis of Robust Metrics for Pattern Classification," Advisor: Ben-Gal I. 
  29.  Zohar Postelnik (2013), "Optimal Layout of Web Sites for Average Minimal Path Length" Advisors: Ben-Gal I. Tal Raviv.
  30. Gal Goren (2013) "Probabilistic Search by Multiple Robots", Advisors:  Ben-Gal I., E. Kagan.
  31.  Chavatzelet Tryster (2013) "Design of Mid-level Classification Trees: Fighting the Greedy Effects" Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  32. Orit Dekis (2014), "Influence of music pieces on judgments and evaluations", Advisors: Kritler S., Ben-Gal I.
  33.  Noam Tsairi (in break), “Congruence in Cognitive Tendencies and Personality as a Predictor of Teamwork Performance”, Advisors: Kritler S., Ben-Gal I.
  34.  Gabriella Cohen (2015), “Analyzing Mobility Patterns with Zero-Knowledge Routine Diaries”, Advisors: Ben-Gal I., Eran Toch.
  35.  Michal Yaakov (2015), “A Risk Ranking Framework of Web Pages”, Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  36.  Nancy Yacovzada, (2015), “How to Supervise My Mom: Towards Unsupervised Profiling of Cyber Behavior”, Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  37.  Shahar Wineshtock (2015), “Clustering users by mobility behavioral patterns”, Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  38.  Doron Cohen (2015), “Detecting malicious websites by learning visual design attributes”, Advisors: Ben-Gal I., Kritler S.
  39. Shiva Cohen-Kashi (2015), “Locating the Optimal Project Control Points that Minimize the Project Duration Entropy”, Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  40.  Shimon Ben-Ishay (2015), “Game for Strategic Spreading of Competing Messages over Social Networks”, Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  41. Dan Avrahami (2015-present), “HR Analytics”, Advisor: Ben-Gal I.  Final Research Projects:
  42. Marcel Elbaz (2000): “Ergonomic Analysis & Improvement of Working Environment via Experimentation”. Advisors: Bukchin Y., Ben-Gal I.
  43. Noam Grosbard (2001): "A Programming Methodology of Ladder Logic Diagram Using Programmable Logic Controllers". Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  44. Aran Ziv (2003): “Tests trees: Analysis of the Hu-Tucker vs. the WBT Algorithms for Special Source’s Distributions”. Advisor: Ben-Gal I.
  45.  Alon Fengshtein (2004): “Systematic Optimization via Virtual Manufacturing” Advisors: Bukchin Y., Ben-Gal I.
  46.  Assulin Liron (2006), "Project Management and SCRAM Software Configuration", Advisors: Ben-Gal I. and Shmilovici A.
  47.  Alon Rapoport (2010), "A Fuzzy Logic Navigation Control of a Mobile Robot," Advisors: Kagan E. and Ben-Gal I.
  48.  Liran Pitchon (2012), "Sensors and Information Gain in Project Management Networks, Advisors: Ben-Gal I., Rozenes S.
  49.  Eli Yofe (2012), Mathematical Model of a Stock Market with Various Information Levels and Psychological Aspects of Investors.
  50.  Hila Lavi (2013), “Effect of Shifts in States of Consciousness on Thinking Styles”, Advisors: Kritler S., Ben-Gal I.
  51.  Oren Timan (2014), “Perception of change among a sample of the Israeli population”, Advisors: Advisors: Kritler S., Ben-Gal I.
  52.  Avishai Trigalo (2014), “Work Motivation Factors”, Advisors: Kritler S., Ben-Gal I.
  53.  Alex Bodik (2014), Correlations between patient expectations of the service and physician views,” Advisors: Kritler S., Ben-Gal I.
  54.  Adi Goldberg (2014), “The effect of smartphone mobility and connectivity    on quality of life,” Advisors: Kritler S., Ben-Gal I.
  55.  Yahal Boimgold (2014) “Biased Decision Making Processes”, Advisors: Kritler S., Ben-Gal I.
  56.  Hila Ben-David (2014) “Happiness, Sadness and Cognitive Performance effects”, Advisors: Kritler S., Ben-Gal I.
  57.  Ayelet Falk (2014) “Required characteristics of external organizational consultants”, Advisors: Kritler S., Ben-Gal I.
  58.  Avi Zdayrovsky (2016), “Identification of resistance factors to organizational changes”, Advisors: Kritler S., Ben-Gal I.
  59. Shiri Gerbi (2016), “Effects of Smartphone usage on users’ daily lives”, Advisors: Kritler S., Ben-Gal I.


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