Email: bennyap
AT post DOT tau DOT ac DOT il 

School of Electrical Engineering
Tel-Aviv University
Ramat-Aviv, Tel-Aviv 69978 Israel 

203 Computer Engineering Building

: +972-3-6407352

I am a Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering at Tel-Aviv University. I'm mainly interested in the foundations of cryptography, as well as the practical aspects of computer security. I also have a broad interest in computational complexity and coding theory.

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I am a member of the COmputer and Network SEcurity Lab and the Check Point Institute of Information Security. I am co-organizing the Greater Tel-Aviv Cryptography seminar (GTACS). Drop me a line if you'de like to give a talk.

Program committee member: ICS 2011, TCC 2011, CRYPTO 2012, STOC 2012,
ITCS 2015, TCC 2015, STOC 2015, ITCS 2017, TCC 2017, CRYPTO 2018, TCC 2019, EUROCRYPT 2019, TCC 2021, CCC 2021.

Recent/Upcoming courses
: Information-Theoretic Cryptography, Communication Complexity for Algorithm Designers, Data Structures and Algorithms, Intro to Machine Learning, Intro to Cryptography, Random-Satisfiability, Digital Logic Design , Foundations of Cryptography.