or try these examples: Book Price, French Dictionary, Congo Buy, or Bravo Air

Enter above a URL of an OWL-S service. You can learn more about OWL-S in the DAML Services site. You are welcome to find services at Opossum - a search engine for semantic Web services or in the examples page of Mindswap lab.

What is this?

Liquid Interface automatically generates mockups (user interface templates) for semantic Web services, and optimizes them for usability.

Liquid interface is a research project of the Technion. The team includes Eran Toch (Carnegie-Mellon University), Amir Lahav, Leonid Goifman, Iris Reinhartz-Berger, Dov Dori, and Avigdor Gal.

Source Code

Download the Liquid-Interface code from SemWebCentral.

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