Prof. Gil Rosenman, List of Publications (since 2013)

1. Becky Bank-Srour, Peter Becker, Leonid Krasovitsky, Alexander Gladkikh, Yuri Rosenberg, Zahava Barkay, Gil Rosenman, Physical Vapor Deposition of Peptide Nanostructures, Polymer Journal (2013) 45, 494–503

2. N. Amdursky, P. Beker, G. Rosenman,  Physics of Peptide Nanostructures and Their Nanotechnology Applications, in the  book " Peptide Materials: From Nanostructures to Applications, First Edition. Edited by C. Alemán, A. Bianco and M. Venanzi, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.. 2013, p. 1-36
186. A. Handelman, S. Lavrov, A. Kudryavtsev, A. Khatchatouriants, Y. Rosenberg, E. Mishina, G. Rosenman,  Nonlinear Optical Bioinspired Peptide Nanostructures, Advanced Optical Mater. 2013, 1, 875–884

3. N. Amdursky, G. Shalev, A. Handelman, S. Litsyn, A. Natan, Y. Roizin, Y. Rosenwaks, D.Szwarcman and G. Rosenman, Bioorganic Nanodots for Non-Volatile Memory Devices, Appl.Phys.Lett-Materials, 2013, 1, 062104-062107

4. I. Khlusov, D. Aronov, G. Rosenman, Enhanced Bone Tissue Engineering on
Calcium Phosphate Coating Treated with Electron Beam,  American Journal of Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell, 2014, 1, 13-26
5. A. Handelman, A. Natan, G. Rosenman, Structural and optical properties of short peptides: nanotubes-to-nanofibers phase transformation, J. Peptide Sci, 2014, 20, 487-493

6. S. Semin, A. van Etteger, N. Amdursky, L. Kulyuk, S. Lavrov, A. Sigov, E. Mishina, G. Rosenman, and Th. Rasing,  Strong Thermo-Induced Single And Two-Photon Green Luminescence In Self-Organized Peptide Microtubes, Small, 11, 1156–1160 (2015) 

7. A. Handelman, G. Shalev, G. Rosenman, Symmetry of Bioinspired Peptide Nanostructures and Their Basic Physical Properties, Israel Journal of Chemistry
55,  637–644 (2015)

8.  A. Handelman, N.Kuritz, A. Natan and  Gil Rosenman
Reconstructive Phase Transition in Ultrashort Peptide Nanostructures and Induced Visible Fluorescence, Invited Feature Article, Langmuir, (2016) 32 (12), 2847–2862,
9. A.  Handelman,  B. Apter,  N.Turko and Gil Rosenman. Linear and Nonlinear Optical Waveguiding Effects in Bio-inspired Diphenylalanine Peptide Nanotubes,  Acta Biomater,  30, 72–77(2016)

10. A. Handelman, S. Lavrov, A. Kudryavtsev, S. Semin, E. Mishina and G.Rosenman,  Nonlinear Optical Phenomena in Bioinspired Peptide Nanostructures and Optical  Waveguide properties , Review paper, Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 10-volume set, published by American Scientific Publishers,  2017

11. G. Rosenman N. Lapshina, Visible Bioorganic Nanodots: Physics and Biomedical Application, Proceedings, BioMaterials,  International Meeting,  Keintung, October, 2016

12. B. Gilboa, C. Lafargue, A. Handelman,, G. Rosenman, J. Zyss, T. Ellenbogen
Strong Electro-Optic Effect in Self Assembled Peptide structures , Advanced Science (advs.201700052), 2017

13. A.Handelman, B. Apter, T. Shostak, G. Rosenman, Peptide Optical Waveguides, J. Pept. Sci, 23, 95-103, 2016

14. A.Handelman, N. Lapshina, B. Apter, B. Fainberg, G. Rosenman, Peptide Integrated Optics, Adv. Mater. 30, 1705776, 2018.

15. B. Apter, N. Lapshina, A. Handelman, B.  D. Fainberg, Gil Rosenman,
Peptide Nanophotonics: From Optical Waveguiding to Precise Medicine and Implantable Biochips, Invited Review, Small, 2018, 1801147

16. B. Apter, N. Lapshina, A. Handelman, B.  D. Fainberg, Gil Rosenman , Active optical waveguiding of intrinsic fluorescence in β-Sheet peptide fibers, Adv. Functional Mater, submit, 2018.

17. N. Lapshina, I. Shishkin, R. Nandi, R.E. Noskov, H. Barhom, S. Joseph, T. Ellenbogen, A. Natan, P. Ginzburg, N. Amdursky, G. Rosenman,
Bioinspired Amyloid Visible Fluorescent Nanodots, Nat. Commun, Submit, Sept, 2018

18. S. K. Joseph, N. Kuritz, E. Yahel, N.  Lapshina, G. Rosenman,  A.Natan, Proton-transfer induced fluorescence in self assembled short peptides, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, Sept, Subm., 2018



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