Invited Talks (since 2013)


1. Bioinspired Peptide Nanostructures: Physics and Application, Invited Talk, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy, Rome, March,  2013

2. Bioorganic Nanodots: Physics and Applications, Keynote Lecture, 1st International Conference on Peptide Materials for Biomedicine and Nanotechnology (PepMat2013), Italy, Sorrento, October, 2013

3. Bioorganic Nanodots: Nanotechnological Applications, Invited Lecture, Peptide Arrays 2013, Edinburg, UK, September, 2013

4. Physics and Engineering of Bioorganic Nanodots: Invited Lecture, "Functional Peptides and Proteins" Intern. Workshop, Jerusalem, Israel, May, 2014

5. Physics, Nanotechnology and Applications of  Bioinspired Materials, Visiting Professor, Course of Lectures, Riga Technical University, Latvia,  August, 2014

6. Bioispired Structures For Nanotechnological Applications, Invited Talk, Nanotechnology: from Academia to Industry, HIT, Israel, April, 2015

7. Nanophotonic BioStructures Towards Technological Applications, Invited Lecture, European Materials Research Meeting, EMRS, Lille, France, May 10-16, 2015

8. Bioorganic Nanodots: Basic Physics and Application, Invited Lecture, 17th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE-SCHOOL “ADVANCED MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGIES”, Palanga, Lithuania, August, 2015

9. "Nano-Ferroelectricity in Biological and Bioinspired Materials", Invited Lecture, Israeli Vacuum Society, Rehovot, September , 2015

10. Bioorganic Nanodots Memory Storage Devices, Keynote Lecture, 1st International Symposium on Physics of Data Storage" (ISPDS-1), December, 2015

11. "Bioinspired Visible Peptide Nanodots",  Invited Lecture, Peptide Nanomaterials in Biomedicine and Nanotechnology, Barcelona. March 13-15, 2016

12. "Bioinspired Nanodots: Basic Physics and Applications",  Keynote Lecture, International Winter School on Bioelectronics, Tirol,  Kirshcberg,  Austria, March 16-19, 2016

13. "Visible Fluorescent in Bioinspired Nanostructures and Nanodots", Invited Talk, "Bioactive Peptides",  International Meeting, Naples, June 23-25,  2016

14. "Visible Bioorganic Nanodots: Physics and Biomedical Application", Invited Talk, "Biomedical Materials"  International Meeting, Taiwan, Keitung, October 27-November 2,  2016

15. Peptide Optical Waveguidies, Invited Talk, UK-Israel Meeting on International Workshop on Emerging Applications of Optical Nanostructures, Invited Talk,  19-23 February,2017, Tel-Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

16. Visible Bioinspired Nanodots, EMRS-17. ,  Invited Talk,  Strasbourg,  May,  2017

17. Peptide Nanophotonics: Physics, Nanotechnology and Applications
In Implantable and Mobile Lab-on-Biochips, Invited Talk, International School on Advanced Materials and Technologies, Palanga, Lithuania, 2017

18. Peptide Nanophotonics: From Optical Waveguiding To BioChips, Invited Lecture, TAU, Nanocenter, November, 2017

19. Visible Peptide Nanodots: Nanotechnology, Physics and Biomedical Applications, European Advanced Materials Congress, Stockholm, August, 2017

20. Peptide Optical Waveguiding Effect and its Applications, Biotechnology Meeting, Tel Aviv, December, 2017

21. Peptide Nanophotonics: Physics, Engineering and Applications, Vilnius, National Meeting on Physics, Plenary Talk, April, 2018

22. Intersection of Basic Physics and Biology: Nanophotonics of Amyloid Structures, Plenary Talk, International Meeting on "Physics, Innovation and Applications, Ural Federation University, Ekaterinburg, May, 2018

23. Peptide Integrated Optics: From Optical Waveguiding To Biomedical Chips, Invited Talk, Symposium FL "Biological, Biohybrid and Bioinspired Materials: From Electronics and Photonics to Medicine". Perugia, Italy, June, 2018

24. Peptide  Nanophotonics: From Visible Bionanodots to Optical  Biochips
16th Naples Workshop on Bioactive Peptides, Naples, Italy,  June,  2018

25. Peptide nanophotonics: From biooptics to implantable lab-on-chips
European Summer School on Nonlinear Life, Riga, 2018

26. Nanophotonics of  Amyloid Peptide Nanostructures, Invited Talk, 7-th Annual Meeting on Amyloid Diseases, Druskininkai, Lithuania, September, 2018


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