Tel Aviv University
Faculty of Engineering

Finite Element Analysis I


Semester B, 2020-21

pdf file Outline

Class Tuesday, 15-18, Software 101


Instructor Isaac Harari

office: Wolfson 225, (640-)9439
hours: Tuesday, 14-15 (or by appointment)
e-mail: harari AT

Topics Linear, static finite element analysis:

Basic concepts, simple model.
Formulation of finite element equations.
Interpolation, isoparametric elements, element matrices.
Computer implementation, data processing arrays.
Mathematical theory, error estimates.
Mixed problems, reduced and selective integration.

Book Hughes, The Finite Element Method, Dover, 2000 (DLEARN, FEM_Object). holdings

References (holdings marks Neiman Library holdings)

Bathe, Finite Element Procedures, pdf file Prentice-Hall,
Brenner & Scott, The Mathematical Theory of Finite Element Methods, 2nd Ed., Springer, 2002. holdings
Cook, Malkus, Plesha, & Witt, Concepts and Applications of Finite Element Analysis, 4th Ed., Wiley, 2002. holdings
(Warning: the computed answer may be wrong)
Johnson, Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations by the Finite Element Method, Cambridge, 1987. holdings
Strang & Fix, An Analysis of the Finite Element Method, 2nd Ed., Wellesley-Cambridge, 2008. holdings
Szabó & Babuska, Finite Element Analysis, Wiley, 1991. holdings
Zienkiewicz & Taylor, The Finite Element Method, Vol. 1, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2005 (FEAPpv). holdings


Homework (to final) 0%
Computer assignments (required) 0% No. 1: DLEARN examples 1, 2 pdf file. .
Project (50%)
Final 100%

Online Resources

Ariane 5 rocket (YouTube).
Course mailing list <>.
Encyclopedia of Computational Mechanics, Wiley 2007.
FEniCS translates scientific models into finite element code.
Israel Association for Computational Methods in Mechanics (IACMM-L).
Matlab Implementation of the Finite Element Method in Elasticity (Computing 69 (2002) 239).
Northridge earthquake animations (video).
Numerical Computing with MATLAB (electronic book).
Numerical recipes, on-line books and software.
Research Trends in Computational Mechanics (2000), J.T. Oden (Ed.).
Sleipner A offshore platform sunk due to incorrect finite element analysis.
Wikipedia FE page.
Wind turbine fluid-structure interaction from Acusim.
Writing guidelines for engineering and science students.


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