IEEEI 2010 Accepted Papers

Special Session: Energy Efficient Computing and Communication Systems, organized by Y. Birk

  1. Yaniv Ben Itzhak, Israel Cidon and Avinoam Kolodny. Thread Allocation Directed by Performance-Power Tradeoff in NoC-Based CMPs
  2. Yitzhak Birk and Tomer Kol. Minimum Work per Mission: a Common Goal for High Performance and Energy Efficiency
  3. Ronen Kat, Doron Chen, George Goldberg, Ealan Henis, Roger, Kalman Meth and Dmitry Sotnikov. Energy Management for Datacenter Storage
  4. Danny Harnik, Elliot K. Kolodner, Shahar Ronen, Julian Satran, Alexandra Shulman-Peleg and Tal Sivan. Secure Access Mechanism for Cloud Storage
  5. Amit Berman and Yitzhak Birk . Integrating De-duplication and Write for Increased Performance and Endurance of Solid-State Drives
  6. Lior David, Ami Galperin, Oded Green and Yitzhak (Tsahi) Birk . Efficient Parallel Computation of the Estimated Covariance Matrix

Special Session: Networks and Computation, organized by G. Even D. Ron

  1. Shiri Chechik and David Peleg . Rigid and competitive fault tolerance for logical information structures in networks
  2. Ido Ben-Zvi and Yoram Moses. Beyond Lamport’s  Happened Before: Causality in Synchronous Systems
  3. Michael Elkin. Distributed Deterministic Graph Coloring
  4. Panagiotis Cheilaris and Shakhar Smorodinsky . Choosability in geometric hypergraphs
  5. Shlomi Dolev and Sergey Frenkel. Multiplication Free Holographic Coding
  6. Magnus M. Halldorsson, Boaz Patt-Shamir and Dror Rawitz . Online Scheduling with Interval Conflicts
  7. Guy Even and Moti Medina . Online Packet-Routing in Grids with Bounded Buffers
  8. Ishay Haviv and Michael Langberg. Beating the Gilbert-Varshamov Bound for Online Channels


Special Session: Cellular Bioengineering, organized by A. Gefen

  1. Sam Safran . Theory of dynamical response of live cells to mechanical stresses
  2. Lital Alfonta. Genetically Modified Bio-Fuel Cells
  3. Mark Shein Idelson, Eshel Ben-Jacob and Yael Hanein. Collective activation and activity propagation in engineered networks of neuronal clusters
  4. Naama Shimon and Amit Gefen . Stochastic modeling of proliferation and differentiation of 3T3-L1 pre-adipocyte cells
  5. Diana Goldstein and Daphne Weihs. Effects of cancer cell metastatic potential on intracellular mechanics
  6. Yonatan Shachaf and Dror Seliktar. Engineering the Cell/Tissue Interface Towards Regulated Cell Migration and Tissue Remodeling
  7. Oded Farago and Anne Bernheim-Groswasser. Entropy-Driven Aggregation of Adhesion Sites in Supported Membranes
  8. Inna Reutsky and Shy Shoham . Holographic optical control of neural activity in a blind retina

Special Session: Coding for Memories, organized by S. Litsyn

  1. Christoph Bunte and Amos Lapidoth. On the Storage Capacity of Rewritable Memories
  2. Noam Presman and Simon Litsyn. On Upper Bounds for the Achievable Rates of LDPC Codes
  3. Dina Goldin and David Burshtein . Approximate Iterative Linear Programming Decoding of LDPC Codes over GF(q) with Linear Complexity
  4. Artyom Sharov and Ronny Roth. Fixed-rate tiling encoders for 2-D constraints
  5. Tuvi Ezion, How To Correct A Multidimensional Burst?
  6. Eyal En Gad, Michael Langberg, Moshe Schwartz, Jehoshua Bruck, On a Construction for Constant-Weight Gray Codes for Local Rank Modulation
  7. Beniamin Mounits, New Upper Bounds for Nonbinary Codes
  8. G. Cohen and S. Mesnager, On constrained memories

Special Session: Switched and Hybrid Systems, organized by M. Margaliot

  1. Ron Teichner and Michael Margaliot. Explicit Construction of the Barabanov Norm for the Discrete-Time Planar Positive Absolute Stability Problem
  2. Victor Kozyakin . Some constructive results related to computation of the joint spectral radius
  3. Tal Monovich and Michael Margaliot. Analysis of Discrete-Time Linear Switched Systems: A Variational Approach
  4. Christos Cassandras and Chen Yao. A Stochastic Hybrid System View at a Class of Non-Cooperative Games
  5. Liron Its'haki Allerhand and Uri Shaked. Robust Control and Estimation of Switched Linear Systems with Dwell Time
  6. José C. Geromel, Patrizio Colaneri and Paolo Bolzern. Analysis and control synthesis of continuous-time passive switched linear systems
  7. Yorai Wardi and Magnus Egerstedt. Algorithm for Optimal Mode-Scheduling in Switched-Mode Hybrid Dynamical Systems
  8. Dmitriy Laschov and Michael Margaliot. On the optimal control of Boolean control networks with a single input
  9. Jiandong Xiong and Zhendong Sun. An Improved Combined Switching Strategy for Switched
  10. Amir Ali Ahmadi, , Raphaël Jungers , Pablo Parrilo and Mardavij Roozbehani. Piecewise Polynomial Lyapunov Functions With Guaranteed Accuracy
  11. Yizhar Or and Andrew Teel. The set-valued bouncing ball and its application to Lagrangian hybrid systems
  12. Josef Shinar, Valery Glizer and Vladimir Turetsky. Robust pursuit of a hybrid evader - the generalized solution

Special Session: Multi cell Processing and cooperative communications, organized by A. Reichman

  1. Evgeniy Braginskiy, Avi Steiner and Shlomo Shamai(Shitz) . Oblivious Cooperative Transmission with Multi-Layer Codes
  2. Shlomo Shamai . Information Theoretic Aspects of Constrained Cell-Sites Cooperation
  3. Haim Permuter , Shlomo (Shitz) Shamai and Anelia Somekh-Baruc. Cooperation in multiple access channels with states
  4. Shraga Bross, Yossef Steinberg and Stephan Tinguely. The noisy feedback interference channel with secrecy
  5. Doron Ezri and Shimi Shilo. Green Handover – a New Handover Mechanism that Minimizes Radiation from Mobile Devices
  6. Doron Ezri, Genadiy Tsodik and Michael Erlihson. Near Optimal Multipoint Receive Beamforming with Finite Samples
  7. Amir Leshem and Ephi Zehavi . Distributed game theoretic optimization of frequency selective interference channels – A cross layer approach
  8. Amichai Sanderovich, Michael Peleg and Shlomo Shamai. Multipoint Decentralized Processing of Interfered Gaussian Channel: Scaling Laws

Special Session: Solar Energy, organized by Y. Rosenwaks

  1. Rona Sarfaty, Gideon Segev and Pozner. Vertical Junction High-Efficiency Concentrator Photovoltaic Cells
  2. Zorian Batushansky and Alon Kuperman. Thevenin-based approach to PV arrays maximum power prediction
  3. Inbal Friedler, Yuval Yifat, Zeev Iluz, Yael Hanein , Amir Boag and Jacob Scheuer. Coherent directional emission of IR radiation from metallic nano-antenna arrays

Special Session: Power Supply and Delivery in VLSI Systems, organized by L. Schachter and A. Kolodny

  1. Gregory Sizikov, Eby G. Friedman, Avinoam Kolodny and Michael Zelikson. Frequency Dependent Efficiency Model of On-Chip DC-DC Buck Converters
  2. Shahar Kvatinsky, Avinoam Kolodny and Levi Schächter. Power Grid Analysis Based on Consumer’s Energy and Power Dissipation
  3. Shirly Regev, Efraim Aloni, Alon Eyal, Shye Shapira, YS Choi and Allon Parag. A 700V Integrated Circuit Technology
  4. Noel Berkovitch, Sharon Levin, Alfred Yankelevich, Alon Eyal and Shye Shapira. Integrated Zener Diode for Gate protection and Voltage Sourcing in Integrated Power Management Platforms
  5. Liran Katzir and Yoav Stein. Reduction of EMI by interleaving power supplies
  6. Michael Evzelman and Sam Ben-Yaakov. Optimal Switch Resistances in Switched Capacitor Converters



Special Session: Bio-inspired electrical engineering, organized by O. Shefi

  1. Adi Sheinfeld, Sharon Gilead and Avishay Eyal. Simultaneous Spatial and Spectral Characterization of Flow using Photoacoustic Doppler in a Turbid Media
  2. Nurit Ashkenasy. Peptide building blocks for electronic devices
  3. Yossi Yovel. What can we learn from bats’ biosonar
  4. Ronen Segev. Coding of Information in the Archer Fish Retina
  5. Uri Nevo , Nitzan Tirosh and Dan Benjamini. Brain Imaging Over Troubled Water
  6. Rachela Popovtzer. Targeted Gold Nanoparticles for Multimodal Molecular Imaging of Cancer

Special Session: Network Processors and networks on chip, organized by S. Weiss

  1. Gadi Oxman and Shlomo Weiss. Buffered Deflection Routing For On Chip Networks
  2. Guy Koren , Amir Rosen and Daureen Green . Architecture of a 100-Gbps Network Processor (NPU)
  3. Bo Yang, Liang Guang, Thomas Canhao Xu , Juha Plosila and Tero Säntti. Multi-Application Mapping Algorithm for Network-on-Chip Platforms
  4. Dmitri Vainbrand and Ran Ginosar . Comparing NoC Architectures for Neural Networks
  5. El Hang Lee . VLSI Photonics: Science and Engineering of Micro/Nano-Photonic Integration
  6. Sagi Manole, Amit Golander and Shlomo Weiss. Workload Optimization of Genomic Pattern Matching using Embedded Accelerator
  7. Amit Golander, Nancy Greco, Jimi Xenidis, Maria Hyland, Brian Purcell and David Bernstein. IBM’s PowerEN Developer Cloud: Fertile Ground for Academic Research
  8. Ran Manevich, Isask'har Walter, Israel Cidon and Avinoam Kolodny. Best of Both Worlds: A Bus Enhanced NoC (BENoC)
  9. Iaakov Exman and Evyatar Vaalani. Parallelism Detection For Multicore Processors


Regular Sessions

Aerospace and Electronic Systems

  1. Peleg Lapid. New Type of Hybrid Locomotive
  2. Sebastian Siegl, Kai-Steffem Hielscher and Reinhard German. Model-Driven Testing of Embedded Automotive Systems by Combination of Test Models and Reference Models in Matlab/Simulink

Antennas and Propagation

  1. Ramin Ala. Two-Layer Dielectric Rod Antenna for Far Distance
  2. Lev Pazin and Yehuda Leviatan. A Compact 60 GHz Tapered Slot Antenna Printed on LCP Substrate for WPAN Applications
  3. Reuven Shavit, Hadar Dagan, Roie Yitzhak and Oleg Becker. Aperture Coupled Fragmented Microstrip Antenna for Phased Array Applications
  4. Yuval Serfaty and Dana Porrat . Waveguide Phenomena in Wideband Indoor Radio Channels
  5. Ely Levine. Broadband tactical antenna design
  6. Hugo G. Espinosa, Yaniv Brick, Amir Boag and Juan M. Rius. Software Framework for Integration of Method of Moments kernels with the Adaptive Cross Approximation (ACA) Algorithm
  7. Ioannis Vardiambasis , Theodoros Kapetanakis, Georgios Adamidis , Evangelos Zaoutis and George Liodakis. Microwave and Antenna Computer-Aided Engineering at the Technological Educational Institute of Crete
  8. Georgios Adamidis , Theodoros Kapetanakis and Ioannis Vardiambasis . Design and Implementation of Low-Cost 4x4 and 8x8 Butler-matrix Switched-beam Antenna Arrays
  9. Antonio Topa , Carlos Paiva and Afonso Barbosa . Frequency Dispersion in Indefinite Media Waveguides
  10. Tal Heilpern, Amir Shlivinski, Ehud Heyman, Beam Based MUSIC Imaging

Circuits and Systems

  1. Salomon Beer and Ran Ginosar . The Devolution of Synchronizers
  2. Arthur Shoihet and Michael Slonim. Analysis of buck converter processes using difference equations method
  3. Eli Gershon, Uri Shaked and Nadav Berman . Retarded Linear Systems with Stochastic Uncertainties - Robust Polytopic H-infinity Static Output-Feedback Control
  4. Itamar Cohen and Shmuel Wimer. Clock Network Distribution Adaptive Gating
  5. Daniel Seidner. A Configurable Zero Stall Piplined Image Processor Architecture for FPGAs
  6. Eli Shteimberg, Micha Kravits, Meir Arad, Amir Ellenbogen and Yosef Cohen. Internal Model Control Approach for Electrical Furnaces Based on Nonlinear Process Modeling
  7. Sammy Korotkin, Guy Zaidner, Benny Cohen, Amir Ellenbogen, Meir Arad and Yosef Cohen. A Petri Net Formal Design Methodology for Discrete-Event Control Of Industrial Automated Systems
  8. Shmuel Wimer and Guy Tamir. Selective Dynamic On-Die Clock De-Skewing
  9. Rami Seif, Kobi Zada, Jacob Nir, Mati Sheinfeld, Eli Marcus, Avi Manor, Tzahi and Mazor and Yossi Cohen. Interface circuit between radiation detector and programmable logic controller
  10. Calin Ciufudean and Constantin Filote. Advanced Discrete Event Systems Algorithms for   Control Systems Diagnose
  11. Dariusz Koscielnik and Marek Miskowicz. A Clockless Time-to-Digital Converter
  12. Yuri Dolgin and Ezra Zeheb. Delay-dependent H_\infty model reduction of time-delay systems
  13. Dmitry Shurin, Evgeniy Kvaktun and Alexander Fish. Input Vector Control Efficiency in Nanoscale CMOS Technologies
  14. Guy Zaidner. Non Linear PID and its application in Process Control
  15. Adam Teman and Alexander Fish. Sub-Threshold and Near-Threshold SRAM Design
  16. Alexander Samochin, Evgeny Kaminsky and Hugo Guterman. H.264 Encoder Based 3D Model Acquisition and Compression for Aerial Video
  17. Emanuel Gluskin . Nonlinear Sampling and Lebesgue’s Integral Sums
  18. Arkadiy Morgenshtein and Alexander Fish. Gate Diffusion Input (GDI) Logic in Standard CMOS Nanoscale Process
  19. Jerzy Garus . Using of Soft Computing Techniques to Control of Self-propelled Mine Counter Charge
  20. Chun-Yen Huang. High-Efficiency Zero-Bias Detectors for Millimeter-Wave Passive imaging Applications
  21. Florin Constantinescu, Miruna Nitescu and Alexandru Gabriel Gheorghe . Circuit Models for Power Baw Resonators
  22. Klaus Trangbaek. Safe LPV controller switching
  23. Klaus Trangbaek. Improving predictions in LPV-PBSIDopt
  24. Klaus Trangbaek. LPV Controller Reconfiguration through Terminal Connections
  25. Eugenii Shustin and Emilia Fridman. On sampled-data relay control
  26. Daniel Shapiro , Philipp Digeser, Marco Tubolino, Martin Klemm, Axel Sikora and Miodrag Bolic . Instruction Set Extensions for Computation on Complex Floating Point Numbers
  27. Humberto Xavier Araújo and Luiz Carlos Kretly. AC – Clocked Power Supply DCVSL – Differential Cascode Voltage Switching Logic: CMOS Layout Design Guidelines to Optimize Energy Dissipation
  28. Max Ghelman, Eugene Paperno, Dimitry Ginsburg, Tzahi Mazor, Yossef Cohen and Alon Osovizky. Sub-mW front-end and pulse-processing electronics for a silicon photomultiplier based radiation device
  29. Alexander Rybalov, Eugene Kagan, Yochai Manor and Irad Ben-Gal. Fuzzy Model of Control for Quantum-Controlled Mobile Robots


  1. Shimi Shilo, Anthony J. Weiss and Amir Averbuch. Performance of Suboptimal Beamforming with Perfect Knowledge of Part of the Channel Matrix
  2. Tomer Yeminy, Dan Sadot and Zeev Zalevsky. Narrowband Information Encryption Using Frequency and Phase Cipher
  3. Marko Porjazoski and Borislav Popovski. Impact Of Fractional Frequency Reuse On  LTE Performances In Uplink
  4. Igor Gutman and Dov Wulich. Distribution of PAPR in low order OFDM with non equal amplitudes
  5. Roy Maiberger, Michael Erlihson and Dov Vullich. Location Based Beamforming
  6. Igal Kotzer, Smadar Har-Nevo, Sasha Sodin and Simon Litsyn. An Analytical Approach to the Calculation of EVM in Clipped Multi-Carrier Signals
  7. Yeuda Shen bahar and Ofer Amrani. Graph-Based Multiuser Detection for UWB Communications
  8. Romans Taranovs , Valery Zagursky and Anatolijs Morozovs . Heterogeneous Collision-Free Clustered Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
  9. Mark Geles, Ofer Amrani, Amir Averbuch and Doron Ezri. Maximum Likelihood Detection for Single Carrier - FDMA: Performance Analysis
  10. Shahaf Wayer and Arie Reichman. Resource Management in Satellite Communication Systems
  11. Dan Puiu and Florin Moldoveanu . The Time Delay Control of CAN Messages for Real-time Communications
  12. Dov Wulich and Igor Gutman. Impact of Linear Power Amplifier on Power Loading in OFDM. Part I. Principles
  13. Dov Wulich and Yuval Carmel. Impact of Linear Power Amplifier on Power Loading in OFDM. Part II. Application to maximum bit rate criterion
  14. Asher Yahalom , Yosef Pinhasi , Elhanan Shifman and Sergey Petnev. Transmission through Single and Multiple Layers in the 3-10 GHz Band and the Implications of Frequency Varying Material Dielectric Constants
  15. Ely Levine. MIMO systems with one directional antenna
  16. Nir Darshan and Isaac Rosenhouse. Nonlinear Pre-Emphasis for Improving QAM Performance over Channels With Additive And Multiplicative Noise
  17. Kun Liu and Emilia Fridman. An Improved Stability Analysis of Networked Control
  18. Uria Basher, Avihay Shirazi and Haim Permuter . Capacity Region of Finite State Multiple-Access Channel with State Information at the Receiver and Delayed State Information at the Transmitters
  19. Yakim Mihov, Kiril Kassev and Boris Tsankov . Analysis and Performance Evaluation of the DRX Mechanism for Power Saving in LTE
  20. Bokamoso Basutli and Joseph Chuma . Botswana Vhf Airspace Coverage Review Using Propagation Models
  21. Alexey Lagunov. Research of handicapes to radio networks of a range of 2.4 GHz in premises
  22. Arie Reichman. UWB PHY for Body Area Networks
  23. Asi Lifshitz, Alex Yufit and Yair Be’ery. Efficient Linear Programming Decoding of HDPC Codes
  24. Yoram Haddad and Michael Sazbon. Advanced Vocal Web Browser
  25. Shmuel Miller. On Active Antenna Array Transmission Noise
  26. Avihay Shirazi, Uria Basher and Haim Permuter . On Channel Coding With Rate Limited Side Information and its Duality in Source Coding
  27. Samuel Ouzan and Yair Be'ery. On the Performance of Finite Geometry MDPC Codes
  28. Yanir London and Dan Sadot. Analysis of Nonlinearity of Mach-Zehnder Modulator in Coherent Optical OFDM in the Presence of PAPR
  29. Nir Sheffi and Dan Sadot. Direct Modulation and Coherent Detection Optical OFDM
  30. Asael adler and Dan Marom . High Index Contrast Polymer Optical Waveguides
  31. Min-Hui Ho and Chien-Ching Chiu. Bit Error Rate Reduction by PSO in Indoor Wireless Communication


  1. Blerta Prevalla and Agni Dika . The Impact Of Memory And Processor In Determining The Performance Of Programs
  2. Anatoly I. Grushin, Artem V. Rostovtsev and Quang Kien Trinh. Data stream pack and unpack for Global Navigation Satellite System
  3. Yuval Shavitt , Ela Weinsberg and Udi Weinsberg . Applying Clustering Algorithms on Peer-to-Peer Networks for Content Searching and Recommendation
  4. Imina Aliyeva. Music Notation Software And Authentic Representation Of The Scales Of Azerbaijani Modes.
  5. Francesco Rago. Collision-based Computing and Event Calculus to represent and control complex engineering systems
  6. Daniel Shapiro , Michael Montcalm and Miodrag Bolic . Parallel instruction set extension identification
  7. Iaakov Exman and Slava Reznitsky. To Be And Not To Be At The Same Time: Hidden Watchdog Timers
  8. Tal Marian, Ossi Mokryn and Yuval Shavitt . Sensing Clouds: A Distributed Cooperative Target Tracking
  9. Lufang Gao. Compressed Sensing Based Multi-touch Sensor


  1. Yosi Wolf. Raj is an innovative welfare robot technology
  2. Ilan Rusnak, Haim Weiss, Tal Shima and Rei Eliav. Missile Guidance with Constrained Terminal Body Angle
  3. Lev Rapoport. Using The Periodic Solution Of The Selector-Linear Differential Inclusion For Estimation Of Invariant Regions In The Wheeled Robot Control Problem
  4. Ilan Zohar and Amit Ailon. Path planning and optimal control strategies for unmanned aerial vehicles with bounded inputs
  5. Daniel Sigalov and Yaakov Oshman. A New Formulation of Fault-Tolerant Estimation Problems and Some Solutions

Electromagnetic Compatibility

  1. Yehoshua Socol . Electrical and Electronics Systems in Nuclear Environment
  2. Ville Naumanen, Juhamatti Korhonen, Julius Luukko and Pertti Silventoinen. Multilevel inverter modulation method to reduce common-mode voltage and overvoltage at the motor terminals
  3. Alexander Weinger . High-power controlled AC drive in a weak supply system
  4. Humberto Xavier Araújo and Luiz Carlos Kretly. Optimizing Impedance Matching between the Exciter -APEX and the GTEM Chamber


Electronic Devices

  1. Guy Ayal , Efraim Aharoni, Eitan Shauly, Miri Kish-Dagan, Shirly Regev and Yosi Shacham-Diamand. Design for Low Power – Effects of Transistor Layout on Leakage Variation
  2. Hila Einati, Dana Gal and Yosi Shacham-Diamand. Self Assembled Monolayers As Gate Dielectric In Electrolyte-Insulator-Silicon Devices

Emerging Technologies

  1. Igor Shirokov, Maxim Durmanov and Elena Redkina. The calculation of magnetic field strength in inhomogeneous medium in tasks of people’s searching under avalanches in mines
  2. Gal Goren , Eugene Kagan and Irad Ben-Gal. Probabilistic Double-Distance Algorithm Of Search After Static Or Moving Target By Autonomous Mobile Agent

Engineering in Medicine Biology

  1. Alexey Lagunov and Irina Berdennikova. Engineering of the automated workplace for the health workers for the purpose of hepatorenal syndrome at the persons abusing alcohol screening carrying out
  2. Fred Viezens . One Medical Application embedded in a Heterogeneous Grid Environment with Distributed Computing Technology
  3. Dagmara Dolega, Jerzy Barglik and Miroslaw Kordos . Computer modeling of the hyperthermia process.
  4. Meir Perez. A Population-Based Incremental Learning Approach to Microarray Gene Expression Feature Selection

Industry Applications

  1. Juha-pekka Ström , Juhamatti Korhonen , Juho Tyster and Pertti Silventoinen. Dielectric characterization of a motor feeder cable by using time domain transmission line resonator method
  2. Florin Moldoveanu , Mihai Cernat and Dan Floroian . Petri Nets and Intelligent Agents to Supervisory Control of Complex Environment
  3. Dan Floroian , Mihai Cernat and Florin Moldoveanu . Using RoboSmith Architecture for Multiagent Robotic System
  4. Yulia Pleshivtseva and Edgar Rapoport. Combined Optimization of Metal Hot Forming Line with Induction Pre-heating
  5. Gernot J. Riedel, Nikolaos Oikonomou, Roland Schmidt and Didier Cottet. Active Lifetime Extension – Demonstrated for Voltage Source Converters
  6. Dahai Li and Tianshi Li. Methods of Modeling and Contorl Using Support Vector Regression for Non-uniformly Sampled Systems
  7. Raul Rabinovici and Moshe Shvartsas. Single Switch Inverter for Induction Heating
  8. Ioan R. Ciric, Florea I. Hantila, Mihai Maricaru, Stelian Marinescu and Ioana Hantila. An Efficient Iterative Integral Technique for Magnetic Field Computation in Electric Machines
  9. Mihai Maricaru, Marilena Stanculescu, Florea I. Hantila, Teodor Leuca and Marius-Aurel Costea. A FEM-BEM Technique for Magnetic Field Computation in Regions with Moving Ferromagnetic Bodies
  10. Simon Lineykin . Using Shape-Generation Code Vectorization for Calculation of Magnetic Fields of Spatial Curves

Information Theory

  1. Eran Hof and Shlomo Shamai . Secret and Private Rates on Degraded Wire-Tap Channels via Polar Coding
  2. Amir Salomon and Ofer Amrani. Space Time Diagonal Codes Using Lattices
  3. Amir Salomon and Ofer Amrani. Improved Signal Superposition Coding for Cooperative Diversity
  4. Joao Carlos Leandro Da Silva. Factoring semiprimes and possible implications for RSA
  5. Ronit Bustin and Shlomo Shamai (Shitz) . The I-MMSE Approach on the Weak Gaussian Z-Interference Channel and the Type I Gaussian Broadcast-Z-Interference Channel
  6. Boaz Shuval and Igal Sason . On the universality of LDPC code ensembles under belief propagation and maximum-likelihood decoding
  7. Sergey Ryvkin and Denis Krasnovski. Novel Approach to Individual “Knapsack Problem” Based on the Information Technology (Nanologistics)
  8. Anatoly Khina, Tal Philosof, Uri Erez and Ram Zamir . Binary Dirty MAC with Common Interference
  9. Yuval Avner, Benjamin M. Zaidel, Shlomo Shamai (Shitz) and Uri Erez. On the Dirty Paper Channel with Fading Dirt
  10. Iddo Naiss and Haim Permuter . Alternating maximization procedure for finding the global maximum of directed information
  11. Eran Hof , Igal Sason and Shlomo Shamai . A Capacity-Approaching Polar Coding Scheme for Degraded Parallel Channels
  12. Joao Carlos Leandro Da Silva. Carmichael numbers and a new primality test
  13. Amos Lapidoth, Yossef Steinberg and Michèle Wigger. Gaussian Broadcast Channel with Partial Feedback
  14. Shraga Bross and Amos Lapidoth. The state dependent multiple-access channel with states available at a cribbing encoder
  15. Tobias Koch and Amos Lapidoth. Increasing the Capacity per Unit-Cost by Oversampling
  16. Or Ordentlich and Uri Erez. Achieving the gains promised by Integer-Forcing with binary codes
  17. Yuval Lomnitz and Meir Feder. Communicating over modulo-additive channels with compressible individual noise sequence
  18. Amir Ingber and Meir Feder. Finite Blocklength Coding for Channels with Side Information at the Receiver
  19. Yonatan Kaspi and Neri Merhav. Revisiting Gallager's Random Coding Error Exponent
  20. Ram Zamir . How to Generate a Simple Dither
  21. Yuval Kochman, Anatoly Khina and Uri Erez. Broadcasting a Gaussian Source over MIMO Channels
  22. Ruxandra Tapu, Titus Zaharia and Françoise Prêteux. A scale-space filtering-based shot detection algorithm
  23. Raluca-Diana Petre, Titus Zaharia and Françoise Prêteux. An experimental evaluation of view-based 2D/3D indexing methods
  24. Mustafa Kesal and Uri Erez. Capacity Bounds For Causal Dirty MAC
  25. Adam Mashiach, Jan Østergaard and Ram Zamir . Dithered Delta-Sigma Quantization for Multiple Description With Individual and Central Distortion Constraints
  26. Himanshu Asnani, Haim Permuter and Tsachy Weissman. Multiple Access channel with partial-cribbing encoders
  27. Michal Palgy, Jan Ostergaard and Ram Zamir . Multiple Description Image/Video Compression
  28. Bobak Nazer, Uri Erez, Jiening Zhan and Michael Gastpar. Integer-Forcing Linear Receivers: A New Low-Complexity MIMO Architecture

Lasers and Electro-Optics

  1. Hema latha , Brindha S and Rajini A.R . Optical Vector Signal Generation Using Duo-Binary Modulation
  2. Gil Tidhar and Natan Kopeika. Remote thermal radiometry errors due to path turbulence, and methods for their correction
  3. Anatoly Patlakh and Dahn Katzen. Light Transmission of Bend Insensitive Optical Fiber
  4. Michael Golub . Generalization of the effective index design approach to the diffracting surface relief photonic structures
  5. Yehoshua Socol . UV Free-Electron Laser Technology for Lithography and Photo-Chemistry
  6. Yossef Ehrlichman, Ofer Amrani and Shlomo Ruschin. Photonic Comparator by Square-Wave Synthesis
  7. Natan Kopeika, Amir Abramovich, Hezi Joseph, Daniel Rozban, Avihai Akram, Orly Yadid-Pecht, Alex Belenkey and Simon Lineykin. Scanning THz imaging system using a 32 pixels line of Glow Discharge Detector (GDD)
  8. Alon Osovizky, Dimitry Ginzburg , Nathan Kopeika, Yair Ifergan, Max Ghelman, Ilan Cohen-Zada, Vitaly Pushkarsky, Eli Marcus, Avi Manor, Ehud Gonen, Tzachi Mazor, Yagil Kadmon and Yossef Cohen. Optical Design Considerations and Constraints for Implementation of Silicon Photomultiplier as a Light Sensor
  9. Li-yuan Chang. An Image Simulation Method of Passive Millimeter-wave Imaging System
  10. Yan Kaganovsky and Ehud Heyman . Airy Pulsed Beams
  11. Vladimir Nikulin and Rahul khandekar. Demonstration of a mobile tracking system for laser communications
  12. David Sinefeld, Christopher R. Doerr and Dan M. Marom . High Resolution Spectral Processor Implemented with Two-Dimensional WDM Channel Separation and Active LCoS Modulator for Phase and Amplitude Manipulations
  13. David Sinefeld, Roy Ella, Ofer Zaharan, Yuval Valiano, Eliezer Mach and Dan M. Marom . Wavefront Aberration Correction in a Free-Space Optical Communication Link using only the Fiber-Coupled Optical Power as a Feedback Mechanism
  14. Dima Bykhovsky and Shlomi Arnon. Unguided Optical Communication Bus for Next Generation of Computers Laboratory Experiment
  15. Ronen Rachmani and Shlomi Arnon. Wavelength Diversity In Turbulence Channels For Sensor Network
  16. Alex Freilikhman and Shlomi Arnon. Unguided optical bus for the next generation computers: simulation of the mother board



  1. Miri Yemini , Natan Pinhas , Jehuda Haddad and Saad Tapuchi . Engineer – Entrepreneur. Including Management and Entrepreneurship Studies in Electrical Engineering Department Curriculum


  1. Anatoli Shlapakovski. Toward Controllable High-Power Nanosecond Microwave Pulses: Research on the Antenna-Amplifier Dielectric Cherenkov Maser
  2. Tatiana Danov and Timor Melamed. Plane wave spectral representation of the dyadic Green’s function over a moving planar dielectric interface
  3. Adiel Tabib, Khona Garb and Raphael Kastner . Microstrip bandpass filters based on coupling matrix with second harmonic suppression
  4. Ely Levine. Low phase noise synthesizer with integral FM modulator
  5. Gregory Muginshtein, Khona Garb and Raphael Kastner . Multimode harmonic power meter for circular overmoded waveguide at second and third harmonics
  6. Ya-chung Yu. A Multi Unsymmetrical Beam Tapered Slot -Yagi Antenna for PMMW Imaging
  7. Tao Liu, Pu-Kun Liu and Zi-Cheng Wang. Non-linear research in the Time-dependent simulation of TWTA
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