Welcome to the Advanced Computer Structure Lab.


All the recitation slides are available in 'pps' format in here.

The Recitation slides & Handouts booklets are available here and here.


The Recitation slides, Handouts booklets, and lecture notes can be ordered via SIFRUT ZOLA (booklets number 35 L, 35 H, 35 R).


Few grading remarks:


  1. Most important is the mailing subject:
    1. Subject: TAU ACSL Handout X Prelab\Postlab Group Y.
    2. Only PDF format will be accepted.
    3. A single PDF file should be attached to the email.
    4. The name of the PDF file should match the subject of the mail.
    5. Please email your reports to: Our grader.


  1. When posting snapshot\waveform all important signals should be explained.
    1. Explanations on waveforms should be ON the waveform and not on another page (example attached).
    2. Points will be reduced on unexplained signals or signals not explained according to instructions.


  1. 32bit signals should be presented in HEX.
  2. Make sure that your PDF pages are oriented ``correctly'', e.g., waveforms and schematics are in landscape.
  3. If you forget to post part of your design, it is as if you didn't do it - so check carefully before sending your handout.


  1. An ACK is automatically sent back to you. If you do not get it - resend.
  2. All theoretical questions should be answered seriously!
  3. In case you have a ``special approval'' from the course staff, please make sure that this staff member sends me (the grader) this approval as well, otherwise, I will not take these approvals into considerations.
  4. Late submissions will not be tolerated, at all! A late submission is equivalent to a ZERO grade. Moreover, a prelab should be submitted BEFORE the corresponding lab meeting.



Office hours: please schedule upfront! I am in campus (almost) every day - use my office hour!