Current activities
  Implantable medical devices can provide life-giving help to many systems in the body. When made of a biodegradable polymer, such devices degrade with time and the end products are nontoxic. These devices can remain intact in the body for a predicted period of time - from weeks to years - and then degrade without the need for surgical removal. Our research activities combine biodegradable polymers, tissue engineering and drug delivery systems, for the development of active (drug-eluting) implants and scaffolds for tissue regeneration. We investigate the effects of the kinetic and thermodynamic parameters in the preparation process on the microstructure and on the resulting properties (drug release profile, mechanical and physical properties, biocompatibility etc.). Thorough understanding of polymer physics, materials science, bioengineering, chemistry and biology, lead to fundamental observations in this new emerging field of "active implants". The results of our studies thus have great medical relevance and are aimed to provide new solutions to basic needs in the fields of medical implants and tissue regeneration.

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