Computer generated holograms for 3D and 2D imaging.

Three dimensional (3D) data is routinely collected and digitally archived, but typically displayed in 2D instead of a deserved 3D mode. Optical holography creates colored 3D images that are not connected to any digital data. We target computer generated holograms (CGHs) featuring digital processing of 3D graphical data and optical reconstruction of appropriate 3D light fields. Major players in 3D software and workstations usually focus on stereoscopic display systems for producing different images for right and left eye. Holographic 3D approach originally over-performs stereoscopic one in providing pure and naturally observed 3D colored light fields. It may be connected to digital 3D image data by digital holography, which provides 3D images but demands substantial research efforts for overcoming a trade-off between image quality, diffraction efficiency and space-bandwidth product.
3D image in medicinbe 3D image in medicinbe
3D image in chemistry 3D image in chemistry
3D image in medicine 3D image in medicinbe
Computer generated hologram Computer generated hologram