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Welcome to the Biomaterials & Corrosion Laboratory in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering!

In line with the demands of modern society, our lab is developing and studying advanced materials for a variety of applications, including biomedical, space, and harsh environments. The lab has gained national and international reputation in view of its unique application of electrochemistry, corrosion testing, wear monitoring and failure analysis in biomaterials science. It also provides materials selection, quality control and failure analysis services, serving and collaborating with industrial, medical and defense organizations.


Lab interests

Biomaterials (e.g. electrochemically-assisted deposition of calcium phosphates) and medical devices.
Bio-Ferrography (e.g. for orthopaedic applications and cancer diagnostics).
Environment-induced degradation of materials and hydrogen interaction with materials.
Electrodeposition and electroless plating of special alloys (e.g. rhenium-based) and electropolishing.
Additive manufacturing (3D-printing) - powder bed fusion, directed energy deposition, electrochemical.
Failure analysis.
Quality control of raw materials and products; consultation services for materials and processes selection.


Applications are welcome from prospective candidates for graduate studies.

Companies are invited to undertake collaborative research projects in the aforementioned (and related) areas and consultancy services


Last modified: April 18, 2017.
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