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Facilities (partial list)

Our lab has large work space (~100 sq. meters) and is very well equipped. Among our facilities:

Electrochemical scanning probe microscope (Molecular Imaging's PicoSPM™)
NSOM/SPM scan head assembly (Nanonics Imaging's MultiView 1000)
Multichannel potentiostat/galvanostat, with data acquisition and data analysis softwares as well as electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (Bio-Logic SAS' VSP)
Electrochemistry Lab System (Keithley's 2450-EC)
Potentiostat/galvanostat (EG&G 263A) and CorrWare/CorrView (ver. 2.6b) software package for data acquisition and data analysis (Scribner Associates)
UV/VIS Spectrometer (Bio-Logic SAS' SEC2000)
A variety of electrochemical cell kits

PHREEQC geochemical computer program
Chemical and biological hoods (ADS Laminar)
Bio-Ferrograph (Guilfoyle's 2100)
Light microscope (Olympus' IX71), equipped with ColorView II CCD camera and analySIS Docu software package (Soft Imaging System)
Grit blast machine (Carlo De Giorgi SandyPlus GD)
Electronic balance with density determination kit (Sartorius' Basic BA 210 S)
Powder sieving system (Kurt Retsch Shaker AS200 basic)
Mechanical grinding & polishing machine (Jean Wirtz Phoenix 4000/2V)

Precise specimen holder for preparation of histological samples
MTS 20/M tension/compression machine
High-temperature furnace (Nabertherm's Supertherm HT04/17)
Vacuum tube furnace (Carbolite STF 16/75/450-818P)


In addition, we are routinely taking advantage of the following neighbor units:

Wolfson Applied Materials Research Center (use per charge)
Teaching laboratories of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (room 266, use per charge) 
The Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (use per charge)
The Micro & Nano Fabrication Facility (use per charge)
Tel-Aviv University's Animal House (use per charge)
Statistical Consulting Lab, School of Mathematical Sciences (per charge)
Glass Blowing Workshop, School of Chemistry (per charge)