A Course in Quantum Information Theory

0510.7120         Spring 2007          2 pts



Course Information

-        Mondays @ 16:00-18:00

-        Room 103 @ Software Eng. Building



Ofer Shayevitz [home page]

Prof. Meir Feder (Academic supervisor)



-        Information Theory 0510.6101

-        No background in physics is required !



After the necessary mathematical background, we plan to cover quantum source coding,

quantum channel coding and (time permitting) quantum error correction.

See the announced syllabus for further details.



-        “Quantum Computation and Quantum Information” by M. A. Nielsen and I. L. Chuang

-        A course on Quantum Information and Computation by John Preskill  [http]


Home Assignments and more

-        A Template for Scribing Lecture notes [zip]

-        Home Assignment 1 – Due 26/03/07 [pdf]

-        Class #6 Notes [pdf]

-        Home Assignment 2 – Due 11/06/07 [pdf]

-        Home Assignment 3 – Due 31/07/07  15/08/07 [pdf]

-        Suggested papers for review – Due 30/09/07 [http]

-        New! Lecture Notes are now available [pdf]



Related Papers

-        “Quantum Information Theory – Results and Open Problems” by P.W. Shor [pdf]

-        “Quantum Information Theory” – A review paper by C.H. Bennet and P.W. Shor [http]

-        The Holevo bound – Arguably the first quantum information theoretic result, by A.S. Holevo, 1973 [http]

-        “Quantum Coding” – A pioneering paper on quantum source coding by B. Schumacher, 1995 [http]

-        “Sending Classical  Information via Noisy Quantum Channels” – An “early’’ quantum capacity Theorem

by B. Schumacher and D. Westmoreland , 1997 [http]




-        Institute for Quantum Information at Caltech [http]

-        Quantum Information and Information Physics at IBM Research [http]

-        Quantiki –  A free-content resource in quantum information [http]

-        Quantum Information on Wikipedia [http]