Quantum IT – Suggested Papers for Review



The following papers are suggested for the review task, and will be assigned on a first email request basis.

All papers are accessible from a TAU linked terminal.

You are of course welcome to suggest other related papers as well. 


Important notes

-       In the longer papers you may concentrate on a single topic, but please advise which in advance.

-       A typical review will include:

Ψ     Paper theme and summary of the results

Ψ     Rough details of important derivations and the intuition behind them

Ψ     Criticism

Ψ     New ideas will be most welcome J



-       Paper selection by July 20th  2007.

-       Submission of a typed soft copy by August 31st September 30th 2007


Source Coding


-        A quantum analog of Huffman coding – S.L. Braunstein et al.

-        Indeterminate length quantum coding - B. Schumacher and M.D. Westmoreland

-        Lossless quantum data compression and variable length coding – K. Bostroem and T. Felbinger

-        On lossless quantum data compression with a classical helper – R. Ahlswede and N. Cai

-        Universal quantum information compression and degrees of prior knowledge – R. Jozsa and S. Presnell

-        Trading quantum for classical resources in quantum data compression – P. Hayden et al

-        Reversible arithmetic coding for quantum data compression – I.L. Chuang and D.S. Modha

-        Quantum rate-distortion theory for memoryless sources – I. Devetak and T. Berger

-        Quantum information can be negative – M. Horodecki et al

-        Channel simulation with quantum side information – Z. Luo and I. Devetak



Channel Coding


-        Additivity for unital qubit channels – C. King

-        Additivity of the Classical Capacity of Entanglement-Breaking Quantum Channels – P.W. Shor

-        Entanglement Breaking Channels – M. Horodecki et al

-        Entanglement-assisted classical capacity of quantum channels with correlated noise – N. Arshed and A.H. Toor       

-        Quantum channels with a finite memory – G. Bowen and S. Mancini         

-        The Capacity of a Quantum Channel for Simultaneous Transmission of Classical and Quantum Information – I. Devetak and P.W. Shor

-        The classical capacity achievable by a quantum channel assisted by limited entanglement – P.W. Shor

-        On quantum fidelities and channel capacities – H. Barnum et al

-        Nonorthogonal Quantum States Maximize Classical Information Capacity – C.A. Fuchs

-        Inequalities and Separations Among Assisted Capacities of Quantum Channels – C.H. Bennett et al

-        On entanglement-assisted classical capacity – A.S. Holevo

-        Entanglement-assisted capacity of a quantum channel and the reverse Shannon theorem – C.H. Bennett et al

-        The private classical capacity and quantum capacity of a quantum channel – I. Devetak

-        The private classical capacity with a symmetric side channel and its application to quantum cryptography – G. Smith

-        A family of quantum protocols – I. Devetak et al

-        Quantum state merging and negative information – M. Horodecki et al

-        On feedback and the classical capacity of a noisy quantum channel – G. Bowen and R. Nagarajan

-        Quantum feedback channels – G. Bowen

-        The capacity of the quantum multiple-access channel – A. Winter

-        Quantum broadcast channels – J. Yard et al

-        Theory of quantum error-correcting codes – E. Knill and R. Laflamme

-        Error Correcting Codes in Quantum Theory – A.M. Steane

-        Reliability function of general classical-quantum channel – A.S. Holevo

-        Gaussian quantum channels – J. Eisert and M.M. Wolf

-        The private classical capacity and quantum capacity of a quantum channel – I. Devetak

-        Quantum Network Coding – M. Hayashi et al





-        Mixed-State Entanglement and Distillation: Is there a “Bound” Entanglement in Nature? – The Horodecki family

-        Bound on distillable entanglement – E.M. Rains

-        Classical Correlations and Entanglement in Quantum Measurements – V. Vedral

-        Purification of Noisy Entanglement and Faithful Teleportation via Noisy Channels – C.H. Bennet et al

-        Many Copies May Be Required for Entanglement Distillation – J. Watrous

-        Distributed entanglement – V. Coffman et al

-        Full Additivity of the Entanglement of Formation – G.A. Paz-Silva and J.H. Reina





-        Limitation on the Amount of Accessible Information in a Quantum Channel  – B. Schumacher et al

-        Lower bound for accessible information in quantum mechanics – R. Jozsa et al

-        Noncommuting Mixed States Cannot Be Broadcast – H. Barnum et al

-        Remote preparation of quantum states – C.H. Bennett et al

-        Strong converse and Stein's lemma in quantum hypothesis testing – T. Ogawa and H. Nagaoka

-        Structure of states which satisfy strong subadditivity of quantum entropy with equality – P. Hayden et al

-        Von Neumann measurement is optimal for detecting linearly independent mixed quantum states – Y. Eldar

-        Distilling common randomness from bipartite quantum states – I. Devetak and A. Winter

-        Quantum Privacy and Quantum Coherence – B. Schumacher and M.D. Westmoreland

-        Limits on the ability of quantum states to convey classical messages – A. Nayak and J. Salzman

-        Equivalence of Additivity Questions in Quantum Information Theory – P.W. Shor

-        Remote preparation of quantum states – C.H. Bennett et al