Dr. Garry Berkovic, PhD Chemistry (Alumni, 2020)

Visiting  Scientist, Raman Spectroscopy
Dr. Garry Berkovic, whose permanent position is a Research Scientist at Soreq NRC-Yavne, was spending his sabbatical year (2020) as a Visiting Scientist in the OMNI group. Garry received his PhD in 1983 from the Weizmann Institute of Science, and has worked in research for four decades at the Weizmann Institute, University of California, Berkeley (post-doc), Soreq NRC, and Bar-Ilan University (sabbatical). He has published approximately 140 research papers on various topics including spectroscopy, nonlinear optics, and fiber optics. In the OMNI group, he is working on combining Raman spectroscopy and interferometry for imaging of biological samples.

Contact Details:
Email: garry@soreq.gov.il