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A Modified Air Sparging Remediation Method

for remediation of VOC contaminated groundwater

Air Sparging is considered one of the most effective methods for the remediation of groundwater contaminated with volatile organic compounds. Air sparging involves the injection of gases, commonly air, into liquid saturated porous media. As air travels through the media it enhances the volatilization of organic compounds and transfer to the vadoze zone where they are collected by a soil vapor extraction system.

Figure: Combined Air Sparging and soil vapor extraction


Figure: Effect of injection rate. Low Injection Rate vs. High Injection rate (Selker et al., 2006)


Recent research has shown an advantage using a pulsed air sparging mode rather than a continuous mode.

In this research we consider a revised AS system in which we alter the injection rates. By changing the air injection rate, rather than periodically shutting it down (pulsed mode), we "burn the candle at both ends"- we keep a rather high average injection rate while maintaining groundwater movement and hence mixing of the contaminants across the medium. This will persumably improve contaminant removal rates at a cost effective manner.

Figure: Injection Methods

a. Constant Injection


b. Pulsed Injection


c. Variable Injection



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