Mark Shtaif,

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Tel Aviv University

Head of the School of Electrical Engineering


Postal address

School of Electrical Engineering

Dept. of Physical Electronics

The Iby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering

Tel Aviv University

Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel


TEL: +972-3-640 5905  (Dept. secretary: +972-3-640-8765)

FAX: +972-3-642 3508




Biographical Sketch

Mark Shtaif received his MSc and PhD degrees in electrical engineering at the Technion in 1993 and 1997, respectively. In 1997 he joined the Light-wave Networks Research Department at AT&T Labs Research as Senior and then Principal Member of Technical Staff. At AT&T his work centered on modeling and characterization of optical fiber communication systems focusing on propagation effects in optical fibers including fiber nonlinearities, polarization mode dispersion, special modulation formats and interaction of signals and noise. During his employment he consulted to the AT&T business units on the integration of fiber-optic technologies. In 2000 he became a Principal Architect in Celion Networks, an optical networking company, where he worked on the analysis and design of long-haul optical transmission systems. In April 2002 he joined the School of Electrical Engineering at Tel-Aviv University, where he is teaching and conducting research in areas related to fiber-optics and optical communications. Prof. Shtaif is a fellow of the IEEE and of the Optical Society of America (OSA).


Recent research activities

         Fiber-optic communications systems

         Nonlinear fiber optics

         Optical amplification

         Polarization effects in fiber transmission

         Theory of noise and detection

         Quantum information in fiber systems

         Laser dynamics and mode-locking

         Theory of passive fiber-optic devices

         Spatially multiplexed transmission



         Quantum Electronics (0510-5004)

         Stochastic processes (0510-5005)

         Noise and propagation phenomena in fiber optic transmission (0510-7620).

         Lectures on handling polarized light

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