Ph.D. Students

  1. Doron Shmilovitz “Transmission Line Based Power Electronic Circuits”, 1993-1997 Tel-Aviv University.
  2. Jair Malachi “Load Management by Fuzzy Logic Based Control System”, 1994-2004. The Israeli Power Company and Tel-Aviv University.
  3. Dror Medini, “RF sources for CO2 lasers”, 1996-2004 Tel-Aviv University.
  4. Shaul Ozeri "Transcutaneous Acustical Energy/ Data Transfer" 2004- 2010
  5. Tomer Kojman “High Power frequency Conversion Based on Heterodyne like method” 2012- High Power frequency Conversion Based on Heterodyne like method

M.Sc. Students

  1. Sylvio Schmilovitz (1980-82). Tel-Aviv University. “Micro Computer Controlled Solar Electrical Power System”.
  2. Yakov Armon (1981-1983). Tel-Aviv University. “Empirical Optimization of Directivity of Non-Uniformly Spaced Linear Antenna Arrays”.
  3. Yehiam Levin (1981-1984). Tel-Aviv University. “Harmonics Free Batteries Charging by Means of Controlled dc/dc Converter”.
  4. Kalo Avshalom (1984-1986) - Tadiran and Tel-Aviv University. “High Power Density 100W Hybrid Power Supply”
  5. Eli Profeta (1987-1991) - Tel-Aviv University. “Robot Task Compliance - The Energy Criterion”.
  6. Shrager Ari (1987-1989) - Elta. “Use of Current Injected Control in High Voltage Power Supply for Plasma Tubes.”
  7. Ron Cerny (1988-1991) - Mamag - The Nuclear Research Center. “High Currents Inductive Modulator for Plasma Propulsion”.
  8. Juda Notkin (1990-1994) - Tel-Aviv University. “Realization of Negative Resistive Elements”.
  9. Doron Shmilovitz (1991-1993) - Tel-Aviv University. “LFR Realization Based on Transmission Line”.
  10. Jaron Izhak (1991-5) - Tel-Aviv University. “Gyrator Realization by Switched Mode Transmission Line”.
  11. Noam Shaked (1991-5) - Mamag - The Nuclear Research Center. “Magnetic Energy Storage”.
  12. Amnon Fuchs (1992-5) - Tel-Aviv University. “Power Flow Control of Pulsed Laser System.”
  13. Amnon Duvdvane (1994-5) - Tel-Aviv University. “Transmission Line Based Regenerative Snubbers”.
  14. Bishara Bishara (1998-1999), Tel-Aviv University. “Modular Photovoltaic System”.
  15. Shaul Ozeri (2000-2002 ), Tel-Aviv University. “Realization of ‘Clean’ Loss Free Resistors by Modular Switched Mode Converters”.
  16. Mashiach Mordechay (2003-2007) Tel-Aviv University . "Micro Gyro, modeling analiysis and parametric design .
  17. Liran Katzir (2004-2007) Tel-Aviv University . " R eduction of common-mode electromagnetic interference in isolated converters using negative feedback"
  18. Tomer Kojman (2008-2011) Tel-Aviv University ." DC/AC low frqwency conversion based on a modified heterodyne method "
  19. Shira Sanbank (2009-2012) ) Tel-Aviv University " Losses Analysis in Capacitive General Transposed Series-Parallel Converters" "


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