Tapeout Gallery


W-band 90nm CMOS Amplifier (Amit Vishnipolsky)

93-101GHz VCO in 90nm CMOS (Samuel Jameson)


52-75GHz LNA in 90nm CMOS (Ronny Sananes)


V-band 2nd Harmonic Mixer in 90nm CMOS (Ronny Sananes)

52-75GHz Receiver Frontend in 90nm CMOS (Ronny Sananes)

70GHz VCO in 45nm CMOS (Alex Katz)

60GHz VCO with 2.5GHz tuning and -106dBc/Hz in 90nm CMOS (Alex Katz)

60GHz ILFD with 2.5GHz locking range and 1.3mW consumption in 90nm CMOS (Alex Katz)


Tri-band Traveling Wave Oscillator with DiCAD tuning in 180nm CMOS (Nadav Buadana)

ILT die micrograph

90-115GHz ILFT in 90nm CMOS (Amit Vishnipolsky)

106-120GHz ILFT with integrated LO in 90nm CMOS (Amit Vishnipolsky)


209-233GHz Frequency source in 90nm CMOS (Bassam Khamaisi)


209-233GHz Frequency source with integrated antenna in 90nm CMOS (Bassam Khamaisi & Samuel Jameson)


A 60-70GHz PA in 90nm CMOS (Igor Gertman)


A 50GHz low phase noise QVCO in 90nm CMOS (Rotem Banin)

A Dual Band 18.5Gbps Tx in 65nm CMOS (Anat Rubin)

A 300GHz high efficiency radiating source in 65nm CMOS (Samuel Jameson)

A 20.6Gbps QPSK 120GHz Tx in 65nm CMOS (Eli Bloch)

A Bidirectional 6Gbps 1.5pJ/bit Transceiver in 65nm CMOS (Nir Weissman)

A 24GHz RFID chip with integrated antennas, energy harvesting and NVM in 180nm CMOS (Aviv Shapira, Samuel Jameson in collaboration with BGU and TowerJazz)


A 230-310GHz 3rd harmonic downconverter in 65nm CMOS (Bassam Khamaisi)

A 234-248GHz and 272GHz fundamental VCOs in 32nm SOI CMOS (Naftali Landsberg)