Group Publications (2005-2013)

Liron Reshef Steinberger

Current degree:
M.Sc. student in Chemistry with Specialization in Materials and Nanotechnologies, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
- Thesis: “Development of Biodegradable Plastic and Smart Materials from Jellyfish Proteins".
First degree:
Chemical Engineering, B.Sc., Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Ramat-Gan, Israel
- Thesis: “Developing Gasoline Absorbers for CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) Implementations". Theoretical and practical thesis with the GC-MS.
- Project involved close work with the Israeli Police Department, in CSI Head Lab, Jerusalem, Israel
Professional Experience:
Process & Systems Control and Production Lines Running Supervisor, under the supervision of VP, Engineering company for design and construction of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological plans, Israel

Contact info:

Office: TAU Nanocenter, room 46

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