Dr. Alexander Ya. Temkin


Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

Faculty of Engineering

Tel-Aviv University

Ramat-Aviv, Tel-Aviv 69978


E-mail: temkin@eng.tau.ac.il

Born 1930 in Moscow, Russia (then USSR).

Physical Faculty of Moscow State University 1948 – 1953.

PhD – 1964.

Profession: Theoretical Physics.

Emigrated from the USSR to Israel in October 1973.

Main places of the work:

1) All Union Scientific Research Institute of Thermal Technique, Department of Technical Physics, Moscow, USSR;

2) Scientific Research Institute of Geophysical Methods of Prospecting, Laboratory of Radioactive Well-Logging, Moscow, USSR;

3)Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Laboratory of Radiation Chemistry, Moscow, USSR;

4)Tel-Aviv University, Department of Physics and Astronomy (in the beginning), thereupon Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, Faculty of Engineering.

Main fields of researches

(in […] is placed number of reference on LIST OF PUBLICATIONS)

1.Neutron transport theory and its applications to the neutron well-logging (e. g.,

[2 – 5],[31]).

2.Multi-component flux of reacting particles’ propagation through the medium ([6]).

3.Theory of nuclear reactors (especially with Th-232) (e. g., [34], [40], [47], [52]).

4.Theory of atomic collisions and mechanism of reactive collisions (e. g.,[9 – 18]).

5.Chemical kinetics, especially in radiation chemistry, hot atom chemistry, radiation induced polymerization, reactions of polymers (e. g., [25], [21, 22], [23, 24], [26], [14], [18], [41, 42]).

6.Action of high-LET-high-energy particles upon the condensed matter (e. g., [51], [53], [55]).

7.Non-equilibrium processes (e. g., [43 – 45], [48], [54]).

8.Information processing ([57 – 62]).

9.Action of powerful atto- and femto-second laser pulses upon the condensed medium, in particular upon polymers ([56]).

10. Theory of the thinking, of its possible molecular mechanism, theory of mind, especially of quantum mind, and consciousness.

11. Some basic problems of space-time and General Relativity.

12. Theory of polycrystalline solids and their transformations.

13. Theory of amorphous solids and their transformations.
14. Some problems of molecular genetics and low-dose irradiation biological action.

15.   Scales of microworld defined on the grounds of well-ordered sets' hierarchy set on according the set properties with respect to the information treatment and Bertrand Russell's theory of types. Possible applications of this theory to the elementary particles' theory and quantum field theories.



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