Mark (on the right) and Eldad Sumnon setting up the mirrors for the four view image splitter.

First results

We have completed the first round of experiments in the Lid Driven Cavity facility. The 2D Sobel-based PTV system worked in parallel to the regular 3D-PTV system and the results were compared in the mid-plane of the cavity.

The results appear to be very interesting, beyond the real time image processing story and summarized in the manuscript submitted to the Experiments in Fluids journal. More details are available from Mark or Alex.


During the M.Sc. thesis few Matlab packages were developed:

  1. 2D PTV version for use with the Sobel camera
  2. 3D PTV version for use with the real-time image processing module
  3. Matlab code that allows to design the four-view image splitter for ETH Zurich or Mark’s original view splitters design (open source, BSF modified license included)


  1. Real time image processing for particle tracking velocimetry by Kreizer M., Ratner D., and Liberzon A., 2010, Experiments in Fluids.

  2. Three-dimensional particle tracking method using FPGA-based real-time image processing and four-view image splitter by Kreizer M. and A. Liberzon, 2011, Exp. Fluids.