Prof. L. Yaroslavsky





The Laboratory offers facilities and software packages for a wide variety of image processing tasks such as image data calibration (denoising, deblurring, geometrical rectification), image enhancement in interactive processing, image segmentation, image parameter estimation and measurements, target location, texture synthesis and analysis, image data fusion and super-resolution. Research activity in the Laboratory is aimed at applications in remote sensing, non-destructive testing, optical metrology, microscopy, multi media, computer aided radiology diagnostics. The Laboratory also supports two courses of exercises in image processing for undergraduate and graduate students.


Recent and current research projects:


-       Object detection and tracking

Fetus organ tracking in Ultrasound Video

Face detection

Bird Flock Tracking in Radar Images

-       Spatial-temporal local adaptive filtering for image and video restoration

-       Image stabilization, restoration and super-resolution in turbulent atmospheric video

-       Enhanced anaglyph method for stereo visualization

-       Real time 2-D to 3-D video conversion