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A demo version of Advanced Image Processing a Matlab package intended for interactive running and demonstration of the Labs from the Course "Advanced Image Processing Lab"(the course and the corresponding lecture notes are available on the Web It implements practically all topics of the 9 Labs of the course:

Lab.2.Image digitization

Lab.3.Image coding

Lab.4 Image interpolation

Lab 5.Image global and local statistics.

Lab.6.Statistical image and noise models and noise diagnostics

Lab.7.Image calibration and enhancement.

Lab.8.Target locating and object detection

Lab.9.Image restoration and enhancement: Linear filters

Lab.10.Image restoration, enhancement and segmentation: Rank filters.


The package consists of a library of m-files,and use a set of test signals and images in *.mat format (1-d signals) and in *.tif format (for images) respectively. It requires Matlab version 5.2 and is designed as a machine independent package. The package was developed by L.Yaroslavsky, Tel-Aviv University (m-files, general design and editing) and A.Mochenov ,Tel Aviv University (environmental and optimization programs)and tested  by A. Alperovich and A. Shtainman.





                  Copy AdvLabDemo_pack directory to the disk

                  To install the Lab.Demo,save the package to the disk, (AdvLabdemo  Directory – “LBD_m-files” ), specify for Matlab its path.

                  Specify directory with Image files (“LBD_Images”  - these must be in *.tiff format).

                  Specify directory with 1-D signals (“LBD_1D_signals”  - these must be in *.mat vector-format ECG signals etc.).

                  Copy 2 files from the directory “LBD_mat_files_first” (Inst_flag.mat, lbdmbanner.mat) to the AdvLabdemo directory (“LBD_m-files” ).

                  Then type "advlabdemo"in Matlab command line.

                  The window for ECG signals specification will appear - One has to select directory where test ECG files are stored (ecg*.mat) by browsing

Ones this is done similar prompt appears to specify a directory for test set of images stored in TIFF format.

                  When the directory is specified similarly to the previous step the initial installation of the ADVLABDEMO is completed.

                  The installation procedure adjusts directory’s path and modifies file inst_flag.mat. Once the installation is completed the DEMO , main window is opened ready to work (see AdvLabDemo Usage)



1.      In Lab2/ Quantization/ Topic 1a, in the selection of other test images the option of Rectangle stimulus on a uniform background doesn’t work.

2.      In Lab10/ Study of pixel neighborhoods/ Topic 1, the neighborhood window initial values are 15x15 , and they cannot be changed because of  problems in definition of Enter values fields.

3.      For Lab8/ Target localization in white noise/ Topic 1, one needs to add txtimgpath command with a path of text256.tiff  image for a proper run of program.

The Lab is designed on a MATLAB platform and allows to the students, in the process of interactive work and making exercises, to master basic principles and to develop their own intuition in digital image processing.




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Advanced Lab Demo pack



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Copyright 1997 by Prof. L. Yaroslavsky,