TAU Advanced IP LAB


Advanced Image Processing (IP) Lab complements the graduate course Digital Image Processing: Applications and consist of 12 laboratory works that cover basic and fundamental digital image processing application problems from image digitization to adaptive filters for image restoration, enhancement, edge detection and target location.

The Lab is designed on a MATLAB platform and allows to the students, in the process of interactive work and making exercises, to master basic principles and to obtain an experimental experience in using and implementation of digital image processing methods.




Getting started
Lab. 1. Image Digitization: Discretization
Lab. 2. Image Digitization: Quantization
Lab. 3. Image Coding: Predictive Methods
Lab. 4. Image Coding: Transform Methods
Lab. 5. Image Global and Local Statistics
Lab. 6. Statistical Image and Noise Models and Noise Diagnostics
Lab. 7. Image Resampling and Geometrical Transformations
Lab. 8. Target Location and Object Detection: Localization Accuracy and Reliability
Lab. 9. Target Location and Object Detection in Clutter Images
Lab. 10. Linear Filters for Image Restoration and Enhancement
Lab. 11. Rank Filters for Image Restoration, Enhancement and Segmentation
Lab. 12. Image Perfecting and Enhancement


Image Files

Advanced Demo Lab




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