PhD Theses:


MS Theses:

  1. L. Mitlyansky, Local Adaptive Signal and Image Filtering: Computer Implementation and Experiments
  2. B.-Z. Shaick, Processing Ultrasound Image Sequences for Quantitative Analysis of Fetal Movements.
  3. F. Kleiman, An algorithm for MRI Image Enhancement
  4. S. Kogan, Edge Representation Graph Structure for an Edge Tracing Algorithm
  5. L Ridel, Multispectral Image Processing for Selective Application of Herbicides
  6. Sh. Yaniv, Coding Techniques of Multicomponent Images
  7. K. Goldberg, Advanced Image Processing Toolbox for Matlab and its Use for Investigation of Texture Synthesis by Algorithmic Model Approach
  8. M. Burstein, Advanced Image Processing Toolbox for Matlab and its Use for Investigation of Fixed Points of Rank Filters
  9. A. Braginsky, Banding Phenomenon Numerical Evaluation in the Context of Human Visual System Noise Sensitivity
  10. Y. Katiyi,  Regular Matrix Methods For Synthesis Of Fast Transforms: General Pruned And Integer-To-Integer Transforms
  11. E. Benveniste Comparison Of Two-Dimensional Rebinning Algorithms For Image Reconstruction From Projections
  12. E. Sadovski. Object Tracking and Classification in Weather Radar Images. Case Study: Tracking Birds
  13. I. Ideses, Stereo imaging
  14. B. Hirschl, FPGA Implementation of Nonlinear Filters for Image Processing
  15. Y. Henkin-Melerevich, Image watermarking using sliding window DCT
  16. Sh. Gepshtein, Compensation of atmospheric turbulent video
  17. A. Shtainman, Linear and Nonlinear Filters for Spatial/Temporal Restoration of Thermal Video Sequences
  18. B. Fishbain, Data Fusion Methods for Fusing Thermal and Visual Range Video Sequences
  19. E. Shor, MPEG Streams Resolution Improvement by Sub-pixel Image Registration
  20. A. Asher, Real Time Image Processing Algorithms for a High-Resolution Retinal Prosthesis
  21. K. Maltsev, Methods of Identification of Low Reflectivity Targets in Heavy Cluttered Area. Case study : Birds Identification by Tracking using weather radar
  22. G. Shabat, Potentials and limits of super-resolution algorithms and signal reconstruction from sparse data.
  23. C. Goerzen, Imaging without optics: determining angle and brightness of distant sources using spherical lensless sensor
  24. S. Umansky, Imaging without optics: localization of radiation sources in close proximity using flat lens-less sensors
  25. A. Agronovich, Performance  evaluation of optical flow techniques: testing framework, numerical differentiation methods and error analysis
  26. L. Bilevich, New Fast Transform and Recursive Computation Based Algorithms for Image Convolution, Resampling and Local Statistical Analysis
  27. A. Leikin, Using Temporal and Spatial Smoothing of Depth Map for Improving 2D to 3D Video Conversion


MS Projects:

  1. Automated Video-Object Masking and Composition Process
  2. I. Fefer, Variable block size Video Compression, 1997
  3. G. Kutz, 3-D image rotation using sinc-interpolation, 1998
  4. R. Rosenboim, 3D Image Rotation, 1998
  5. Two-dimensional local order statistics filters: A toolbox for Matlab
  6. Z. Katz,Image resampling and  geometrical transformation with discrete sinc-interpolation: A Matlab callable package
  7. A. Mochenov, Advanced Image Processing Lab. Demo Package and its Use for Investigating Reliability of Target Location in Images,1999
  8. N. Wagner, Medical Image Compression - Comparing Between FFT and DCT Based Methods with Objective and Subjective  Measures
  9. E. Sudai, Variable Block Coding Image Compression, 2000
  10. G. Pipman, Local Adaptive Filters for Image Denoising and Resampling: An Implementation for Matlab Platform, 2002
  11. Z. Biner, Fast Algorithms for Image Magnification and Demagnification, 2002
  12. Doron Oizerovich, A Matlab Shell and Toolbox for Simulating Methods for Image Change Detection, March 2003
  13. I. Folkman, FFT Pruning, 2004
  14. Oron Schechner, JPEG 2000 Decoder/Encoder Implementation in Matlab, 2004
  15. B.-Z.  Ofer, Restoration of Atmospheric Turbulence Video: a simulation package, June 2006
  16. A. Shtern,  Restoration of Atmospheric Turbulence Video: Real Time Algorithms and software package, June 2006
  17. L. Papier, The Effect of Image Preprocessing on Reliable Object Detection
  18. U. Tal, Impulse Noise Removal: A comparative Study
  19. A.Shefler, Speckle Noise and Imperfections in Coherent Imaging Systems: A Simulation Study, 2002
  20. A. Kfir, Image Scaling Implemented in the JPEG-2000 Decoding Process Using Low Memory Algorithm, 2002
  21. T. Glik, Peripheral vision
  22. R.Vistuch, Exploiting MPEG-4 Motion Estimation mechanism to produce 2-D video 3-D video, 2006
  23. D. Shneiderman, DCT based Sub-Band Decomposition IMAGE Coding,  2005
  24. M. Litvinov, Motion Estimation Algorithms For Video Stabilization
  25. L. Nikolayev, Advanced Image Processing Laboratories, DEMO GUI, 2013
  26. M. Bouhnik, Advanced Image Processing Lab

Matlab based package