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Israeli RFID e-Vote system

  1. Y. Oren and A. Wool. RFID-based electronic voting: What could possibly go wrong? In IEEE International Conference on RFID, Orlando, FL, April 2010.
    Here is the full paper: pdf
  2. YouTube Video showing our zapper roasting an ISO 14443 Contactless Smartcard. English & Hebrew subtitles.
    Also available as a local wmv file (22MB)

  3. Government Response from Tehila to our claims (Hebrew)
  4. new Our rebuttal of Tehila's respone (Hebrew)

  5. Article in Haaretz 14/4/2010:   pdf   Hebrew   English
  6. new In-depth article in Chiportal, 22/4/2010 (Hebrew)
  7. Article in Anashim U'Mahshevim, 22/4/2010 (Hebrew)
  8. Article in Jerusalem Post, 25/4/2010 (English)
  9. Article in TheMarker (Hebrew)
  10. TV interview on Channel 1 14/4/2010: YouTube (Hebrew)
  11. Writeup on Avi Rubin's blog (English)
  12. Item on The Risks Digest (English)
  13. Tel Aviv University Press Release (English)

Previous Publications

  1. Z. Kfir and A. Wool. Picking virtual pockets using relay attacks on contactless smartcard systems.
    Proc. 1st International Conference on Security and Privacy for Emerging Areas in Communication Networks (SecureComm), pages 47-58, Athens, Greece, September 2005.

  2. See and hear me give a 1-hour seminar talk (in Hebrew) about our results circa June 2005. Video feed from the TAU Video Server. Requires a TAU username & password. Caveat: only works on Microsoft Internet Explorer (sorry...)

  3. Ilan Kirschenbaum and Avishai Wool. How to build a low-cost, extended-range RFID skimmer.   (pdf)
    In 15th USENIX Security Symposium, pages 43--57, Vancouver, Canada, August 2006.

Impact of our work

Our work has been used in the public debate on E-passports and has been used in arguments submitted to various US government agencies. Here are some examples:
  1. EFF Testimony to the California Legislature
  2. EFF letter to US State Department
  3. Berkeley School of Law - Public Policy Clinic Comments to the US State Department

Useful links

  1. Gildas Avoine's RFID Bibliography
  2. Klaus Finkenzeller's RFID Handbook
  3. Some people are implanting RFID chips under their skin...
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