0510-7401: Cryptography and Computer Security

Class schedule: Wednesday 16:00-18:00, Wolfson 120

Instructor: Prof. Avishai Wool

Phone: 03-640-6316, E-mail: yash (at) eng.tau.ac.il
Office: Wolfson Software Engineering 314 - Here are directions to the building.
PGP Key Fingerprint: C9AD E677 4621 7718 24AF FED3 F3C1 B285 BBA8 0007

Course Resources

Homework assignements

  1. Exercise 1: html   pdf   grades (17/11)
  2. Exercise 2: html   pdf   grades (19/1)
  3. Exercise 3: html   pdf   grades (3/3)
  4. Exercise 4: html   pdf   grades (3/3)
  5. Exercise 5: html   pdf   grades (3/3)
  6. Take home exam:  pdf

Online book, lecture notes and papers

  1. free download: The chapters of The Handbook of Applied Cryptography by Menezes, van Oorschot, and Vanstone. This is an encyclopedic work of reference on all areas of cryptography.

  2. free download: The chapters of Security Engineering by Ross Anderson. This is a great text from which to learn that cryptography is only one component in a secure system.

  3. SHA-3: new hash function competition. Official site at NIST and an unofficial tracking: The SHA-3 Zoo.

  4. AES: Rijndael's description by its inventors (pdf), and a web page with color diagrams by J. Savard.
  5. John Savard's Cryptographic Compendium. Lots of information on many cryptosystems, from paper-and-pencil systems and world-war-2 machines to AES and public-key.
  6. Classical encryption by Lawrie Brown.
  7. Modern private key encryption by Lawrie Brown.
  8. RC4: The Fluhrer Mantin Shamir SAC'2001 paper (postscript), and the Stubblefield Ioannidis Rubin NDSS'2001 paper (pdf).
  9. Modern public key encryption by Lawrie Brown.
  10. Some number theory and RSA by Lenore Zuck (pdf).
  11. More RSA, Miller-Rabin primality testing, Diffie-Hellman, El-Gamal by Lenore Zuck, (pdf).
  12. SSH Transport Layer Protocol, IETF draft by Ylonen, Kivinen, Saarinen, Rinne, Lehtinen (text).
  13. An interesting paper by Susan Landau explaining the history and mathematics of DES and AES, covering both design principles and attacks.

Useful links

  1. Itsik Mantin's RC4 page.
  2. Official NIST AES page.
  3. The Internet Engineering Tast Force (IETF) home page.
  4. The OpenSSH project: open-source SSH (Unix server and client). Free.
  5. The PuTTY page: MS-Win SSH client software. Free.
  6. The WinSCP secure file transfer (SSH subsystem) MS-Win client software. Free.
  7. The International PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) page: MS-Win versions from PGP Corporation are free for personal use. Command line versions (GnuPG) completely free.

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