0510-7409: Topics in Information Security

Instructor: Prof. Avishai Wool

Course Resources

Homework assignements


The seminar has several purposes. First, the students will learn something about state-of-the-art research in computer and network security, thus gaining perspective on the particular area covered. It is also the purpose of the seminar to get students to know how to read, present, criticize -- and hopefully write -- research papers.

Course structure

There will be 14 meetings altogether. In the first meeting, the instructor will describe the various topics, and the students will be assigned to topics and dates. A tentative schedule is available here. During each meeting (except the first), one or two research papers will be presented.

Registration is limited to 2*(#lectures - 1) students (26 in 2011/2012).

Preparation of the presentations: each presentation will be in the form of a powerpoint presentation. Please make sure you limit the presentation to 25 (twenty five) slides, to allow time for questions and discussion. You must send your powrepoint slides to the instructor at least 24 hours before class so they can be placed on the web page.

Homework: In addition to your own presentation,

  1. you will prepare homework questions for the whole class based on the paper you presented
  2. you will grade the answers of your classmates.
You must submit the homework questions, as a pdf file, to the instructor, at least 24 hours before class so they can be placed on the web page.
Make sure your email address appears inside the homework document so your colleagues can contact you!

Answers to the homework questions are due at the next lecture (one week after they are given). The student who wrote the questions shall grade them, and submit the grades to the instructor one week later. If you get questions set by 2 students on separate papers - submit your homework on 2 separate sheets so it can be graded in parallel.

new You need to hand in 80% of the possible homework assignments for a full grade on homework.


Useful links

  1. The Internet Engineering Tast Force (IETF) home page.
  2. The OpenSSH project: open-source SSH (Unix server and client). Free.
  3. The PuTTY page: MS-Win SSH client software. Free.
  4. The International PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) page: MS-Win versions from PGP Corporation are free for personal use. Command line versions (GnuPG) completely free.

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