Professor Yigal Gerchak's List of Publications

Articles Published in refereed Journals - since 2006

  1. Gerchak, Y., “Athlete Rewards Based on Difficulty of Achievements”, International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, Vol. 1,  2006, #3, pp. 263-267.
  2. Gerchak, Y., R.K. Cho and S. Ray, “Coordination of Quantity and Shelf-Retention Timing of Video Movie Rentals”, IIE Transactions. 38, #7, 2006, 525-536. An Executive Summary was featured in Industrial Engineering, Dec. 2005, p. 55.(won the IIE Transactions Best Paper Award for 2006).
  3.  Gurnani, H. and Y. Gerchak, “Coordination in Decentralized Assembly Systems with Uncertain Component Yields”, EJOR,  176, 2007, 1559-1576. 
  4.  Hanany, E., D.M. Kilgour and Y. Gerchak, “How the Prospect of Final-Offer  Arbitration Affects Bargaining”, Management Science, 53, 2007, 1785-1792.
  5.  Gerchak, Y., E. Khmelnitsky and L.W. Robinson, “Untruthful Demand Forecasts in Vendor-Managed Revenue-Sharing Contracts: Coordinating the Chain”, NRL, 54, 2007, 742-749.
  6.  Grosfeld-Nir, A., E. Cohen and Y. Gerchak, “Production with Rigid Demand and Costly Inspection”, NRL, 54, 2007, 845-848.
  7.  Hanany, E. and Y. Gerchak, “Nash Bargaining over Inventory and Pooling Contracts”,  in NRL, 55, 2008, 541-550 [Awarded the ORSIS 2011 Prize].
  8.  Gerchak, Y. "Decision–Analytic Approach to Knockout Auctions", Decision Analysis, 5, 2008, 19-21.
  9.  Azriel, O. and Y. Gerchak, “A Contest Among Distributors over Who is the Best Newsvendor”, International Journal of Operational Research, special issue on Game Theory, 10, 2009, 141-153.
  10.  Gerchak, Y. "Postponed Holdback Pricing, Profit and Consumer Surplus" Asia-Pacific Journal of Operations Research (Special issue on Economic Models in OM), 29, 2012, 1-8.
  11. Gerchak, Y. and D.M. Kilgour, "Degree of Difficulty as the Objective of Contest Design”, Int. Game Theory Rev. 16, 2014, #3, 1-20.
  12. Nalça, A., H. Süral, and Y. Gerchak, “Economic Manufacturing Quantities of Components in Supply Chains”, 2013,  International Journal of Inventory Research, 2, #1/2, 44-62.
  13. Granot, D. and Y. Gerchak, “ An Auction with Positive Externality”,  OR Letters, 2014, vol. 42, 12-15.
  14.  Smirnov, D. and Y. Gerchak, "Inventory Sharing via Circular Unidirectional   Chaining", EJOR, 237, 2014, 474-486.
  15. Gerchak, Y. ”Strategy in the TV/Board Game ‘Pointless’“, EUREKA, 63, 2014,  1010010-1010011.
  16. Gerchak, Y. and D. Smirnov “Evaluating the Effect of Suboptimality”, OR Letters, 42, 2014, 455-457.
  17. Yu, Y., S. Benjaafar and Y. Gerchak, “Capacity Sharing and Cost Allocation among Independent Firms ”, Production and Operation Management, 24,2015,1285-1310.
  18. Gerchak, Y. “Allocating Pooled Inventory according to Contributions and Entitlements”. DMMS, Special Issue on Games and Applications, 9 ,2015, #1, 51-54.
  19. Gerchak, Y. “On the Non-Symmetric Nash and Kalai-Smorodinsky Bargaining Solutions,  DMMS , Special Issue on Games and Applications, 9, 2015, #1, 55-61.
  20. Gerchak, Y. and G. Schwartz “Supply Chain Coordination with Multiple Retailers and Nonlinear Production Costs”, to appear in International Journal of Operations Research.
  21. Gerchak, Y. “Manufacturing Newsvendor and Inventory Pooling with Non-Linear Production Costs”,  to appear in International Journal of Inventory Research.




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