Infused Design

Offer Shai, Yoram Reich

Infused design is a revolutionary way of designing, collaborating, and generating creative products. It mobilizes the collective genius of engineers from diverse disciplines.

The term “infused” means the ability to inject knowledge, methods, and solution from one discipline directly, into another domain with minimal overhead.


This injection is made possible by abstract graph representations that connect between different disciplines. Currently, the following hierarchy includes the relations we can employ in infused design. 


For example, the paths through the hierarchy from “mechanisms” to “electrical systems” allow transforming solution, methods, and knowledge between these two disciplines. Work is continuously underway to extend this hierarchy.



In the future, infused design will revolutionize design education:

1.         There will be a single theoretical course on Infused design and its mathematical foundation

2.         Many other courses would become applications courses (e.g., electrical circuits, mechanisms, structural mechanics)


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  • Infused design, creativity, and knowledge: foundation, methods, and products (Shai, Reich, and Rubin)
  • Product concept innovation

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  • Product concept innovation: off the shelf and out of the box


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