Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Marine Propeller Design


Projects Descriptions:

1. Design Support System for Preliminary Design of Marine Propellers

The aim of this project is to study the process of propeller design and build a design decision support system to help designers improve and speed up their work.
The project is a collaborative effort with:

This project serves as a testbed for several technologies: The project practical emphasis also makes him a testbed for the introduction of these AI tools into practical design contexts.

A Sample Publications Include:

2. Using Neural Networks (NN) for Building Models of Propeller Behavior

This project investigates the use of neural networks for creating models that can predict the behavior of maring propellers (Kt, Kq, and eta). The aim of the project is to develop techniques that could assess the reliability of predictions made using the models and relate them to the reliability of the various steps of building these NN models. Thus far, the results are very promissing.

A Sample Publications Include:

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