Baseline (top) and controlled (bottom) flows with the SaOB actuator
(Arwatz and Sperber, 2006)

Meadow Aerodynamics Laboratory

We control the flow

The flow over a simplified Dragonfly airfoil (D.E. Levy, 2007)

About Us

The lab was established in the mid 70s by Prof. I. Wygnanski. It is now headed by Prof. Avi Seifert, a graduate of the lab. The lab is one of the world leaders in active control of turbulent shear flows. It is equipped with a range of facilities unique to Israel, especially low speed, low turbulence wind tunnels.

Research originating from the lab has led to creation of a whole field of study, namely, active flow control. The lab personnel hold a large number of patents and maintain extensive national and international collaboration with both academia, research institutes and industry. The lab is now shifting its focus to activities related to aerodynamic aspects of energy and environment.