Meadow Aerodynamics Laboratory

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The Meadow Aerodynamics laboratory is part of the School of Mechanical engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University..
It is located at the Wolfson building for Engineering, just across the pedestrian bridge from the Library of Exact Sciences, Tel-Aviv University. We are just on the left side if you enter from gate 14 of the campus. Parking can be found just outside gate 14. Park legally!

Prof. Seifertís office is at room 217 (West side of the building).

The labs are in rooms 263 and 265, on the east side of the building, 2nd floor, ground level if you enter from the east side parking.

Snail mail, fax, tel. numbers and room numbers can be found below.

The Meadow Aerodynamics laboratory

c/o Prof. A. Seifert

School of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Tel Aviv University

Ramat Aviv 69978


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