A truck model in the Meadow-Knapp tunnel (top)

Meadow Aerodynamics Laboratory

                 We control the flow ™

Leader: A. Seifert

The following is a list of current projects. For more information follow the links.

This project targets reducing the aerodynamic drag of large vehicles resulting from blunt aft-region using an “add-on” device or shape modification with TAU’s innovative suction and blowing actuator technology.

Drag reduction of ground transportation systems

Student:  O. Stalnov

Vortex shedding off a D-shaped cylinder (top)

This is a multidisciplinary research effort aimed at active control of boundary layer and wake flows, open and closed-loop. Includes flow field interrogation with PIV, low order model and controller development and more.

Open and closed-loop flow control

Student: V. Palei

Suction induced turbulent separation bubble

Fundamental study aimed at optimizing flow control for the purpose of delaying turbulent boundary layer separation in adverse pressure gradient flow.

The effect of periodic excitation on separating turbulent flow

Student: D.E. Levy

Text Box: CFD of the flow around the dragonfly airfoil, Re=6k, α=6º
Text Box: This project is aimed at improved understanding of very low Reynolds number flight, as a source of inspiration for engineering designs of MAV’s.

Flow physics of the Dragonfly gliding flight

Student: S. Freiberg

Text Box: Surface oil flow visualization showing separation and reattachment
Text Box: The purpose of this project is to develop and validate techniques for real-time identification of turbulent boundary layer separation and reattachment

Identification of separation and reattachment

Student: S. David

Text Box: The 20% thick Gluaert type airfoil tested by Yom-Tov and David.
Text Box: This project is aimed at generating control moments with no moving parts using massively separated flow and Piezo fluidic actuators for flow separation control. This program should reach flight tests. Stay tuned for more...
Text Box: Active control of a Glauert type airfoil