A couple of rapid prototype SaOB actuators

A two-element airfoil model being tested

A rough circular cylinder model being tested at the Meadow-Knapp wind tunnel

We calibrate flow sensors for meteorology

Meadow Aerodynamics Laboratory

We control the flow

We provide a range of research and testing services. These are listed below.

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Industry services

Low Reynolds airfoils can be tested in the Meadow-Knapp wind tunnel. The airfoils should be 2ft span and up to 400mm chord.

Lift, moment and drag are from pressures.

Low speed airfoil testing

We design, fabricate and characterize flow control actuators. These include: Piezo benders, Piezo fluidic and the patented Suction and Oscillatory Blowing (SaOB) actuator.

Actuator development

Flow field interrogation and analysis

We calibrate flow sensors for metrology

Flow meters calibration