Group Leader

Alon Bahabad

Dr. Alon Bahabad
email: alonb "at"
office: 227, Building: Electrical Engineering - labs
office phone: +972-3-640-9423

Lab Engineer

Irit Sofer Shapir

Dr. Irit Sofer Shapir
email: iritso "at"
office: 342, Building: Wolfson - Engineering
office phone: +972-3-640-5327

PhD Students

Liran Hareli

Liran Hareli
email: lironhareli "at"

Georgiy Shoulga

Georgiy Shoulga
email: Georgiy.Shoulga "at"

Barak Hadad

Barak Hadad
email: barak191 "at"

Sahar Froim

Sahar Froim
email: cyberh49 "at"

M.Sc. Students

--> Daniel Marima

Daniel Marima
email: danid34 "at"

Daniel Primor

Daniel primor
email: danielprimor "at"

Amit Bekerman

Amit Bekerman
email: amitbekerman "at"

Thomas Zacharias

Thomas Zacharias
email: tomthomas1997 "at"


Mor Konsens
Thesis: Time to frequency mapping of optical pulses using accelerating quasi-phase-matching
Michal Yachini
Thesis: Envelope time reversal of optical pulses using accelerating quasi-phase matching
Linor Michaeli
Thesis: Genetic algorithm driven spectral shaping of supercontinuum radiation in a photonic crystal fiber
Yaniv Eliezer
Thesis: Generation, evolution and analysis of temporal superoscillatory optical signals