Irad E. Ben-Gal - Biography

Irad Ben-Gal is a full professor and the head of the new "AI and Business Analytics" Lab in the faculty of engineering at Tel Aviv University. He is a visiting professor at Stanford University, teaching "analytics in action" to graduate students and leading the "Digital Life 2030" research initiative. He is a world-known expert in machine learning and predictive analytics with more than 20 years of experience in the field, including R&D collaborations with companies such as Oracle, Intel, GM, AT&T, Applied Materials, Siemens, Kimberly Clark and Nokia. He wrote three books, published more than 100 scientific papers and patents and received numerous awards for his work. Irad is the co-founder and active chairman of CB4 ("See Before"), a startup backed by Sequoia Capital that provides granular predictive analytics solutions to retail organizations. He is an advisory board member in several startup companies that focus on AI.

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Last modified: May 2017